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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Links (2/21)

I'm about to go watch some pee-wee basketball, which hopefully will be a bit more competitive than Georgia's first half on Wednesday. In the meantime, a small batch of weekend links for you...

-- Georgia tips off this afternoon against Ole Miss in a game the Dawgs certainly could win. Talking to a few of the players, that seems to still be their priority, although they're certainly curious about what the future holds.

-- Athens' Roger Clarkson says today's game at Ole Miss has UGA being treated like a homecoming opponent. Of course, as Roger and I discussed yesterday, Ole Miss (and later Kentucky) has been treated that way by Georgia's football team a few times, too.

-- I completely missed this in yesterday's links, but Vince Dooley was a guest of honor at a Macon film festival, which premiered a new documentary about his life.

-- ESPN's Chris Low ranks the SEC's most indispensable players, and while I don't argue the talent of his choice for Georgia, I can't help but think there are a few guys on the team whose loss would hurt the Dawgs far more. FWIW, I'd probably rank them like this: Cox, Curran, Boling, Green, Prince Miller -- a list based mainly on who's behind them on the depth chart.

-- Interesting story over at Rivals about the son of a former baseball player (who just so happens to be from Delaware) who is now a top football recruit. (Sorry, subscription required.)

-- It was an impressive start to the season for the Diamond Dawgs, who pounded Youngstown State in front of a recrod crowd.

-- The AJC helps you get an early jump on your football season travel plans.

-- First Bush leaves office, and now Emmitt leaves ESPN. Now who can I turn to to butcher the English language on television every week? But fear not... In honor of Emmitt's departure, I give you a special edition of the dumbest analysis you'll ever hear, along with the proper judge's response.

-- And finally, with Conan O'Brien now headed to 11:30, here's a nice blast from the past. Way back in 1994, Conan's show was on the verge of cancellation when he visited Howard Stern. Stern through him a "going away" party, assuming the show wouldn't last another few weeks. Obviously, it lasted another 15 years, but it's still funny to look back at the video now.

I'll say, I don't watch Conan that much anymore, but I loved the show back in the mid-90s, even when everyone else thought it stunk. I've actually been in the audience for the show a few times, including one episode in which they aired a sketch with Andy and Conan playing the leads in a "Behind the Music" spoof of Hall & Oates. Just hilarious stuff.

CONAN: Hey, Oates, can I ask you a question?

ANDY: Sure, Hall, what is it?

CONAN: What's your first name?

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