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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Links (2/23)

I had been meaning to mention this for a while now, but for some reason it always seems to slip my mind. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that you can befriend me on Facebook, but I should also point out that if I happen to be online, you can feel free to chat. A few of you have been nice enough to pass along some kind words and talk UGA sports every once in a while, and I definitely appreciate the interaction. Anyway, just passing that along in case you happen to catch me online and have a burning question you'd like to discuss.

Now, to today's links...

-- Usually I save the non-football stuff for the end, but this is important info you'll need right away this morning: IHOP is offering a free short stack to all customers today from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. as part of its celebration of National Pancake Day.

-- Pete Fiutak of answers some reader mail, including a question about Mark Richt's competitive fire.

-- The Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer has a blog post up that follows up on some of the recent discussion of a lack of leadership in the Georgia locker room a year ago. He quite rightly notes several instances in which players touted the "new leadership" a year ago. The bottom line is, players are saying the right things now, but that only matters if they're doing the right things later.

-- Jeff Owens has a Q&A with offensive lineman Clint Boling, who reveals his love for Rafferty's and Eva Longoria.

-- SI's Peter King gives some thoughts on Matthew Stafford, while Total UGA talks to the man himself (subscription required).

-- Stafford may not have completely solidified the No. 1 overall selection, but he had dinner with Lions' brass Thursday and coach Jim Schwartz said the meeting went well.

-- The AJC's Jeff Schultz ranks the Atlanta-area teams 1 through 10, with UGA football finishing behind the Falcons.

-- Georgia's new leadoff man, Johnathan Taylor, is off to a fine start, earning some SEC honors.

-- Georgia sprinter Torrin Lawrence is one fast man .

-- Three Bulldogs are headed into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

-- I decided a long time ago that the only people I would ever complain about my job to were other sports writers. The reason is, anyone who doesn't do this for a living would rightfully think I was crazy to nitpick the details of a job that allows me to watch sports for a living, so I rarely get much pity (nor do I deserve it).

Still, writing about sports is a tricky proposition. It's generally a tough balancing act when dealing with a competitive job, athletes and coaches who tend to have pretty big egos, and fans who occasionally are less than rational about their teams.

I am extremely lucky in that I work with many great reporters, deal with a staff and players at UGA who are genuinely good people and I have a great group of readers who so far have been extremely generous to me in their compliments and diplomatic in their criticisms. (SIDE NOTE: Apologies to Michael A for my failure to provide the appropriate spoiler warning regarding my link about "The Office" yesterday).

Of course, that isn't always the case, and you don't have to be in this business long to have a good "athlete who treated me like crap" story. For a few months early in my career, I was certain Chan Gailey had a personal vendetta against me. So this story from ESPN's Buster Olney (one of my favorite baseball reporters) brought a smile to my face if only because, while it was hardly unfamiliar, it's always good to remember that even the guys who have made the big time have had their low points, too.


DawgCPA said...

WOW! Torrin Lawrence is ridiculous! That video is right up there with the touchdown celebration! Problem, though...

I'm working at a client's office. I sneak your blog while I'm having a bite to eat. I follow the link to the Lawrence story. Yes, I unwittingly hit the "play" button on the video... I guess it was about four or so minutes into the video when I yelled. Oh sure, I made a little noise when those cheaters tried to knock our guy down on the turn. But I yelled when Torrin started to catch the Booger-Eater! Then I yelled again when he passed him!

No self-respecting CPA can yell while he's watching a video while working at a client's office. I'm pretty sure there's like an ethics ruling against it. Thankfully, my client understands my passion!

David, you really need that spoiler alert or some kind of disclaimer if you're going to link to what obviously is a yell-inducing video. I mean really. Come on.

David Hale said...

You're completely right, CPA. I should have mentioned the absurdity of it all... that kid is something. Of course, if you're yelling while watching it, Tony Ball ought to be jogging over to track practice to see if the kid feels like returning a few kicks in the fall!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of Bobby Bowden and Tom Osborne in CMR. As Fiutak says, you just keep putting out good-to-great teams every year, and eventually all the chips will fall right.

I wonder if he is talking about the same UF program that is "truly special" as the one that went 9-4 two seasons ago, even with arguably the greatest single season by a player in CFB history.

Bama? We will see. I think they take a major step back this year and Nick Saban has never won 10 games in back to back seasons.

LSU is beginning to regress under Miles and I think Lane Kiffin may be borderline retarded.

In CMR's 7 years, he has had 2 seasons ('02 and '07) in which he had arguably the best team in the country from November to January, and with a break here or there, he could have two national titles right now.

I am not sure that "intensity" is as important as public pissing, moaning and campaigning for your team to get to go to the Faux-national title game. That is what CMR is truly missing.