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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Links (2/25)

Getting right to the links...

-- The Tennessean calls tonight a "must win" game for Vanderbilt, while Georgia's two seniors are just looking for anything to smile about as the season winds down.

-- Chip Towers finds one of the brightest silver linings in the Bulldogs' dismal season in the rapid development of point guard Dustin Ware.

-- Fletcher Page of the Red & Black takes time to look at the impressive career of Terrance Woodbury.

-- ESPN's Chris Low takes a look at the combine numbers for some of the top SEC performers. Man, Brannan Southerland is going to be a steal for some team on the second day.

-- Tim Tebow is talking smack on Georgia already.

-- It's never too early to start making travel plans for the fall, and Georgia Sports Blog gets you primed for your Okie State vacation. I'm thinking of staying in Oklahoma City, and I've already been told finding hotels in Stillwater is next to impossible.

-- Bleacher Report says Jeff Owens could be the X factor for Georgia in 2009.

-- Mike Merola, the captain of Georgia's 1950 football team, died Monday.

-- The AJC looks at the tough job of sports physical therapists, including Georgia's Ron Courson.

-- 960 the Ref has a bunch of podcasts up for your listening pleasure, including hoops coach Pete Herrmann, former basketball coach and current Georgia Sports Hall of Fame inductee Hugh Durham, men's golf coach Chris Haack, and ESPN golf analyst Jason Sobel.

-- Thanks to the World Baseball Classic, the Braves won't face off against Georgia or Georgia Tech this spring.

-- Rivals' Anthony Dasher talks to associate AD Arthur Johnson and learns UGA is still looking to schedule two more home games for 2010. (Subscription required.)

-- The Detroit News talks to Matthew Stafford who said he's excited at the prospect of throwing to Calvin Johnson next year.

-- The Red & Black gets a bit nostalgic with assistant tennis coach Will Glenn.

-- ESPN's Wright Thompson has a great piece up on the checkered history of race relations at Ole Miss.

-- A linebacker prospect from Cal lists Terry Tate: Office Linebacker as his top role model.

-- If you're in the mood for a strange bit of nostalgia, check out this list from Huffington Post of the nine weirdest public service announcements ever aired.

-- Here's some great news: Andy Richter will rejoin Conan O'Brien when Conan takes the helm of "The Tonight Show" in May.

-- And finally, to get you primed for tonight's episode, check out some of the top "Lost" theories from last week.


Hobnail_Boot said...

That Andy Richter thing is a joke, right?

Anonymous said...

what a lazy article by espn. Southerland finished 4th in verticle leap (38 in.); 3rd in bench (28 reps); tied for 8th in broad jump; Moreno's 25 reps did finish in top 10, in fact tied for 6th and finished top 10 in 2 other drills

David Hale said...

No joke on Andy Richter. He'll be doing the announcing but won't do the full-on Ed McMahon sidekick thing, apparently.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Hmm, ok. I was worried there for a minute.