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Saturday, February 21, 2009

SEC Spring Schedules

Just an FYI...

School Start Date
End Date
March 23 April 18
Arkansas March 24
April 18
Auburn March 24
April 19
Florida March 25
April 18
Georgia March 17
April 11
Kentucky April 1
April 25
LSU March 12
April 18
Ole Miss
March 26
April 18
Miss State
March 24
April 18
South Carolina
March 3
April 11
Tennessee March 10
April 18
Vanderbilt March 10
April 5

*NOTE: All spring games are on the final day of spring practice except for Auburn (April 18) and Vanderbilt (March 29).


RedDevilDawg said...

how is it that teams have inconsistent time frames for the length of spring practice?

Tennessee starts before us and ends after us. What gives?

David Hale said...

The time frame isn't regulated, just the number of total practices. So if they only practice, say, five days a week rather than six, the total number of days could be longer.