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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Links (2/12)

Five days away... did you miss me?

My trip home was mostly successful. Convinced my dad to put new brakes on my car, got a cheesesteak from Pat's, Had a half dozen meals at Wawa, helped my niece ring in Year 7 for her... all in all a good time. But here I am, back in wonderful Athens with the prospects of a sunny afternoon to boost my spirits, and I must say, it's good to be back. And what better way to kick things off than with links to work other people did while I was on vacation...

-- ESPN held a conference call with Mel Kiper on Wednesday that I was unable to be a part of, but apparently the man with the best hair at the WWL still thinks Matthew Stafford is worthy of the top overall pick in April's draft.

-- Jeff Owens has a Q&A with Joe Cox on his blog, but he's apparently planning a post on Marcus Washington later today... thus marking the first time he's scooping me on a story. I'll have a post on Marcus later this week, and I'll also have a story on Owens' blogging.

-- Mark Richt won't fight with Lane Kiffin, as Michael Carvell writes. And Carvell won't fight with crazy drunks at Sand Bar. Circle of life.

-- ESPN's Chris Low, on the other hand, has the full rundown of the Kiffin drama.

-- So who misses Dennis Felton already?

-- On my list of favorite McMahons, 960 the Ref's Dave McMahon ranks well ahead of Vince, but still a bit behind Jim, who led my Eagles to an 8-3 record in 11 games in 1992. Nevertheless, he sent along a handful of podcasts during my absence (Dave, not Jim) that I thought I should share: Tennis coach Manuel Diaz, hoops coach Pete Herrman, and baseball coach Dave Perno.

-- The fine folks at Every Day Should Be Saturday called this potential rule change a giant steaming pile of you-know-what. I think that's giving it too much credit, an opinion shared by Get the Picture.

-- I'm a sucker for lists, and Bubba N Earl count down their top 5 sports commercials of all time. Good choices, I'll admit, but my list would be much different. I'd have to make room for the Crocodile Hunter's "This is SportsCenter" ad, and I loved the Baseball Tonight send up of "Bull Durham," too (sadly, I couldn't find video, but Peter Gammons in drag is hilarious).

-- Syracuse can't win on the road to save their lives, but at least Jim Boeheim can find a solution to college football's problems.

-- Courtesy of Deadspin, here's your weekly update on Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy's sex life. But hey, at least he didn't lose to Tennessee by 31.

-- Just when you thought ESPN couldn't sink any lower and "Around the Horn" couldn't be any more useless, well, actually maybe this is an upgrade.

-- Now how will I rock out in an elevator?

-- Just in case watching Florida beat UGA by 30 isn't romantic enough for you on Vanentine's Day, may I suggest a trip to Waffle House? And of course, no romantic Waffle House stories would be complete without watching THIS. I'm going to Albany after the UGA game on Saturday, so I have no doubt the conclusion to my Valentine's Day will also be at a Waffle House, so I have no right to criticize.

Sorry, not a ton of UGA links today, but I'm just getting back into the swing of things. We'll have a few posts later today which promise to be more interesting. Oh, and I still have to watch "Lost" on DVR, but if you're looking for some discussion of last night's episode, here's where you want to go.

(Oh, and did you notice? Not a single mention of a certain former Jets QB who I won't believe is retired until next year's Super Bowl is over.)


DawgCPA said...

Yeah, yeah. We missed you David. (Well... somebody's gotta say it!)

Ally said...

Thanks for the link to the article about Mark Richt's response to the never-ending Kiffin drama.

It's becoming more & more clear what Coach Garner meant when he said he was staying at UGA to Coach with a great man like Mark Richt. Evidently Rodney knew then what we are learning now about Lane Kiffin.