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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Auburn allegations: And the offseason fun continues for the NCAA

If you want to watch HBO tonight, tune in at 8 p.m. to watch "Cop Out," a ribald comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan that got a 19 percent rating from

And if you wait a couple hours later, HBO will also air allegations from four former Auburn football players that they received cash.

I'm sure you've heard or read about it already. If not, here's a link on the web site.

The SEC released a statement Wednesday night in advance of the program:

“We are aware of some of the information to be aired during this evening’s HBO Real Sports. Representatives from Auburn University, representatives from LSU and the SEC office have communicated with the NCAA Enforcement Staff. The involved institutions and the NCAA staff will pursue the allegations in a timely manner.”

This is obviously another knock against Auburn, which doesn't exactly enjoy a pristine reputation. And it's another knock against the SEC, since LSU is included in the allegations - but so is Michigan State.

Indeed, the offseason headlines continue to be negative for college football.

You have the Fiesta Bowl fiasco, where its longtime CEO has been fired because of lavish expenditures for strip club visits and his birthday party, all billed to the bowl. The BCS reacted by saying it would review the Fiesta Bowl's spot in the BCS.

Of course, as Yahoo's Dan Wetzel points out, the Orange Bowl conducts its own lavish cruise party - attended by one of the members of the panel that filed the report on the Fiesta Bowl.

Meanwhile, the PBS program also weighed in on the NCAA, with an interview of NCAA president Mark Emmert that ... well didn't make Mr. Emmert look too great, from all accounts. You can watch the program here.

And you have the ongoing saga of Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Despite the best efforts of Tressel - who keeps suspending himself, only to have something else come out - this story isn't going away yet. That's because the NCAA hasn't weighed in on Tressel's impropriety.

Most of the illicit stories are just involving college football. Of course, it bears pointing out that one of the national semifinals involves one coach suspended for three games next season (Jim Calhoun) and another whose previous Final Four trips have been vacated (John Calipari).

So all of this is bad, obviously, and leads to a lot of righteous indignation. It leads to a lot of talk about more investigations, and reform, and all that good stuff.

But who among us thinks anything will actually come of that? What's the motivation for change with all that money the NCAA and its schools are making?

Believe it when you see it.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to watch "Cop Out." Mindless comedy. Reminds me of something.


Shug Jordan's Wallet said...

War $$$ Eagle!

brotado said...

Dude, Cop Out is hilarious. There were so many funny parts in that movie.

AtlantaDawg said...

Seth - you seem to be posting later in the evenings. How am I supposed to free myself of the stresses of work when you aren't posting 9a-5p?