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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Georgia's Taylor suffers neck injury in game (updated)

Georgia baseball player Johnathan Taylor was hospitalized on Sunday with a neck injury after an outfield collision during the Bulldogs game against Florida State.

Taylor is a junior from Acworth who has been a starter a majority of the time in his career at Georgia and was batting leadoff on Sunday. He collided with left fielder Zach Cone in the top of the third as each chased a line drive, which Cone caught.

According to a release by UGA, Taylor was transported to St. Mary's Hospital. Head coach David Perno announced after the game that Taylor had suffered a neck injury.

“We’ll know more about J.T. in the next 24 to 48 hours, and Zach is going to be okay,” Perno said, according to UGA. “J.T. is very a special kid, and he’s very tough. You don’t see collisions on line drives, sometimes on pop-ups, but they both were going full-speed and they both could’ve made the catch. It was great effort.”

Cone was able to leave on his own power but was taken out of the game. Florida State, the nation's fifth-ranked team, won the game 7-5 to take the three-game series. Georgia's record dropped to 3-8.

UPDATE: Taylor is scheduled to have neck surgery Monday afternoon, the school announced. After the surgery, set to be performed at St. Mary's Hospital in Athens, neurosurgeons will provide an update on Taylor's condition.


Keese said...

If anyone wants to harp on firing a coach around Athens, it should be Dave Perno. Not because of the record...because he's a jerk and disrespectful to others. You can credit the players for past successes.

Anonymous said...


There's plenty of opportunity and ammunition for comment on whether Perno is the man for the job; this isn't one of those opportunities.

Calling a coach disrespectful in the comment section of a tragic story is vile. You should limit your comment to well wishes for Jonathan Taylor, a true Bulldog in a time of need, not your personal griping with the team's loss column.

My prayers are with Jonathan Taylor. I'm praying that he has a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Wish nothing but the best for JT, hope he has a speedy recovery. Perno does need to go, IMO.