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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Football players are being watched for what they eat

While the change in Georgia’s strength and conditioning program has gained the most attention, some changes on the nutrition side have been pretty drastic too.

Players are now asked to show staff members what they’re eating for each of their three daily meals. That either means in person or, if they’re somewhere off campus or away from a coach, taking a photo and sending it for approval.

Yes, approval. Only after a staff member – either Joe Tereshinski or one of his assistants – gives the OK on a meal can the player dig in.

“If they don’t like what you have on your plate, you kind of just have to throw it away and go get something a little healthy,” receiver Tavarres King said on Thursday.

And if they don’t report three meals a day, they hear about it. It’s similar to when the staff does class attendance checks.

“Exactly. Exactly like that,” King said.

Cornerback Brandon Boykin said the nutrition changes are already having an affect.

“Oh yeah big time. I’ve felt it myself. I just feel like I can go a lot longer,” Boykin said. “My endurance is a lot longer in the workouts, and I don’t feel tired. And a lot of that has to do with what you eat.”

I’ll have a bit more on the nutrition in a later story, probably for Friday.


turdi fartersen said...

Just reading football blurbs is better than reading an entire gigantic basketball article. Damn I can't wait until September.

Chance the Gardener said...

Love the sarcasm. Thanks for either your remarkable idiocy or your cunning wit.

Chancy Gardener