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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Figgins not waiting for his number anymore

One of the more interesting stories in spring practice is tight end-turned-fullback Bruce Figgins. Figgins, head coach Mark Richt and several of his teammates discussed him in this story, which has just been posted on A quick tease:

ATHENS -- It’s the question everyone has been asking Bruce Figgins since the move became official: Is he going to switch his jersey now?

That number 89 works great for a tight end. But at fullback? Figgins, however, has held firm: No matter how weird it looks, he’ll line up in the backfield with a number not usually associated with a back.

“Everybody’s been asking me if I want 40-this or 40-that. But no, I’ve had this number too long,” Figgins said. “My momma and grandma and granddaddy, everybody in my family has 89 jerseys made.”

Read the whole story here.


Anonymous said...

If he can pick up the particulars of playing fullback, I think he will be a great addition to the depleted fullback position.

The biggest issue will be understanding the blocking schemes.

He should be physical as a blocker due to his size and a great receiving threat out of the backfield due to his previous position.

Seth, please keep an eye out for his progression. I think this will be a vital position to strengthen if we want our running game back to UGA standards.

DWH said...

Pretty excited about this. Really think he might be very solid at FB. Need the depth, no doubt.