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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Call for the mailbag

Yeah, I know it's been awhile. But now the (men's) basketball team's run is over, and football is (really) starting spring practice. So it's as good a time as any to have some mailbag fun.

You can ask about football practice. You can ask about the basketball offseason. You may ask about other sports. You could even ask about off-the-wall subjects, and if you have movie references, maybe this time I'll get more than just the "Airplane" ones.

Post your questions in the comment section below, or send me an e-mail (, and again, if at all possible, please keep the question to a reasonable length.

I'm going to go clean the pollen off my car, and maybe get a workout in. As always, once there are enough questions, I'll make up some answers and post a mailbag. Fire away.


Streit said...


Marshall Morgan has already committed to Georgia as part of the class of 2012 to replace Blair Walsh. Has there been any talk about who may replace Drew Butler after this year? Also, last year we saw Washuan Ealey run the ball out of the wildcat. Has there been any talk of other players, such as Branden Smith, being used in the formation?

matt b. said...


Has there been any conversation recently about expanding Sanford Stadium? I know that ideas were drawn up few years ago, but I haven't heard anything since.

Also, are their any mock-ups for how the new scoreboard will look?

Anonymous said...

What type of QB is Christian LeMay? Scrambler or Pro style pocket QB.Do you think the Defense will actually make up some real ground this year and settle into our new Defense scheme and show some progress, dare i saw actually show some dominance.

Dooms Day Dawg said...


What is the world is going on with the baseball team? Some nights it appears to be pitching, and then the very next night is appears to be the bats. I know that it is early and the Dawgs are 2-2 in conference, but is there anything Perno can do to get this team playing consistent ball?

Atlanta Dawg said...

With Belin gone, how nervous should we be that we regress again in special teams?

Jonah B. said...

What is your take on the Tennessee fiasco? Will UT's AD lose his job over this? And who do you think will end up taking that job? I can't see this being anything but good for the Dawgs, unless Tennessee somehow lands somebody really big, by giving Coach K 100 million dollars to go to Knoxville. Even then, he would probably turn it down.

LAZARUS said...

1) Many experts are raving about Aaron Murray and expect a huge season from him next year. I don't. Here's why: Other than Orson Charles, who is a dynamic, big play receiver that can make downfield plays now that Durham and Green are gone? AM can't do it all himself.

2) What is your favorite William Shatner moment/movie/phrase, etc?

Anonymous said...

how many players do you think uga will sign this year in basketball? and whats the max of scholarship players allowed?

stevo said...


What's your take on the secondary? With the move of Ogleltree to LB, you lose a physical presence that the safety position was lacking last year. I know there are some young guys who were redshirted but don't really know their potential. How about the idea of trying Commings at safety? He has the ideal size of a safety and cornerback speed. Would this in turn leave the cornerback spots too thin? Many thanks for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

How have things been going with the baseball team's recruiting the past few years. Does Uga generally get who they want in state and they just haven't panned out or are we losing out to tech and the other big southern schools?

Robert K. Burnham said...

Your prediction on the likelihood that Trey and/or Travis go pro ?

DawgInVA25 said...


What have you heard about the progression of Jarvis Jones and Richard Samuel? The move of Tree to ILB makes me wonder if Richard may be struggling? Do you think Jones can be a leader on our D next year and how much playing time do you think Samuel will get? Is he a possible mid season starter?

Thanks for everything