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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Call for the mailbag

We're in the home stretch here, people. One more spring practice, and then G-Day on Saturday. So it's time for the pre-G-Day mailbag, as I promised you good people of the world last week.

As always, please post your questions below, or send me an e-mail (, or come up to me later this afternoon as I'm performing my weekly charitable endeavor. (Shoveling manure at the UGA equestrian center.)

Possible topics include:

- Personnel or other issues relating to the Georgia football team as it wraps up spring practice.

- The men's basketball team's future following the departures of Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie.

- The surging baseball team.

- What music am I listening to right now. (Hint: Mumford and Sons "The Cave" needs to be on your playlist. And a certain Georgia receiver just tweeted that he's listening to Avril Lavigne's "What the hell," adding "don't judge." We won't Israel, we won't.)

- Whether "Citizen Kane" is the greatest movie of all time, or "Pineapple Express."

- On the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, any topic that is not related to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. (I'm actually a history buff who's greatly interested in the subject, and read the Shelby Foote trilogy, but my years in the deep South have taught me that broaching the subject isn't quite a good idea.)

- And finally ... earwax: Pro or con?

I'll try to post a mailbag today, and if not Friday, or perhaps even one per day. In this ever-changing world, who knows what the future holds.

Fire away.


newyorkdawg said...

Citizen Kane is crap. I realize it was ahead of its time but I actually saw a documentary about Citizen Kane that was more enjoyable than the movie, that is automatic disqualification for best movie of all time.

It seems like a large portion of the defense has been concussed this spring. I know in past years Richt said they took it to easy in practice because of injuries and that showed up on the field in the fall with weak blocking and bad tackling. In your experience, does it seem like coaches are always “training to fight the last war” or is UGA more likely to be reactive vs. innovative compared to other programs?

Anonymous said...

Here's one: Is the daily stream of green jerseys in spring practice (and in the fall) higher than, lower or par compared to other teams you've covered. It seems like the injury bug hits Georgia harder than most teams, but that may be just because I'm only keeping a close eye on one team.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for ya. You have mentioned hailing from Maryland, so you must have an opinion on the 2nd greatest college sports season of the year (after college football, of course).

So who takes the college lacrosse title this year? Who wins the UMd/Hopkins game this weekend?