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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No one's 'the man' at tailback yet ... or at least no one currently enrolled

In case anyone needed one, here’s another sign that Isaiah Crowell will be given every chance to start at tailback once he arrives for summer camp.

Practices and scrimmages have been closed, but players have said that Caleb King, the rising senior, has looked great this spring. Meanwhile Washaun Ealey has hardly practiced because of a hamstring injury, while Ken Malcome has been slowed too.

Despite that, when offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was asked on Tuesday if King had done a lot for himself, Bobo demurred.

“Caleb has shown flashes,” the assistant coach said. “Caleb had a decent day the other day running the ball, and then today he did OK. But I wouldn’t say anybody’s stepped out and said, ‘Hey I’m the man.’ But we still have another scrimmage, which is the G-day. (That’s) another opportunity to get better.”

Translation: Nothing much has changed on the Crowell front. The day the Columbus tailback signed, Mark Richt said Crowell had a good chance to start against Boise State if he did everything right. And that still stands.

Bobo sounded a bit more positive about the spring performances at the other skill positions.

The top two quarterbacks, Aaron Murray and Hutson Mason, have played “extremely well,” according to Bobo.

“Murray it’s his third spring, and Mason it’s his first spring but he’s got a year under his belt. They understand a lot of what we’re trying to do and able to make plays within the system,” he said.

As for the receivers, Bobo said they’ve made some plays but have to be more consistent. (“We’ve had too many drops,” the coach said.) Specifically, Marlon Brown wasn’t very good early in camp but has improved. Michael Bennett, Tavarres King and Taylor Bradberry earned positive mentions from their coach. And tight end Orson Charles “has made a tremendous amount of plays,” according to Bobo.

“I feel good about the energy level of this football team,” Bobo said. “I feel good about the camaraderie of the group and how they went out and competed hard every day and tried to get better. Every day hasn’t been what we like but I’ve seen improvement and strides in that area.”

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