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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mailbag, primero parte

Thanks for all the questions, and feel free to keep the coming: Like most recent mailbags, this one will be broken into two parts.

I’ll get to some of the ones you submitted on Friday. In the meantime, here you go:

So, basketball, rebuilding or reloading? I see back to old days. Wrong?
- Joe McCollum

My guess: somewhere in the middle. Basketball is such a star-driven game, that the addition of an elite recruit like Kentavious Caldwell-Pope means you still can’t rule out an NCAA tournament run. Especially when you have two senior guards in Gerald Robinson and Dustin Ware.

The key will be whether Caldwell-Pope lives up to the hype, and whether the Bulldogs can at least have a serviceable post game. None of the incoming recruits sound like immediate impact players, so it’s on Marcus Thornton and Donte’ Williams to make big leaps as sophomores.

Keep hearing vague references to Orson Charles tearing it up this spring. Are they flexing him out more, is this all from the standard TE spot, or what's the plan to get him more involved in a post-AJ passing attack?
- Jeff

That’s one of the problems with closed practices and scrimmages; you’re only going on what you hear. Players and coaches have said the same thing about Charles, but that’s what you’d expect out of him.

I do feel that Georgia NEEDS to make Charles more of a focal point, as he was in a few games last year. And I have a sneaking suspicion that Georgia will flex him out a bit more, especially if they don’t like what they see out of the other receivers. When you have Charles, White, and recruit Jay Rome at tight end, and uncertainty at wideout, why wouldn’t you try to do that?

If you're a fan of Mumford, did you go to one of the Avett Bros shows? They played SAV, AUG, ATH and a Braves game. Great band.
- Howmuchyoubench

I’ve heard a lot about Avett Brothers, and heard one of them interviewed on Tony Kornheiser’s radio show. They do seem like a cool band. But I’m always behind on music trends, so it’ll probably be at least this summer until I hop on that bandwagon.

Seth, glad you listen to Mumford and Sons. Try listening to "feel the tide" great unknown song by them.

Here is my Question: How much would you spend to go see them in concert June 12th at the Fox Theater?

Also Civil War related: Did you like the movie "Glory"? Seen it?
- Matt Cheij

They’re coming to the Fox? I’m there, unless I have to take out a small loan.

“Glory” is probably the best Civil War movie ever made, with great performances from some of the best actors of their generation (Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and Andre Braugher.) I also liked “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals,” but those tend to cater more to the buffs and war nerds like me.

I watched Clemson's Orange and White game this past weekend. Both offensive and defensive lines are very very athletic and are mammoth in size. Have you noticed so far if UGA is making strides in the S&C program?
- Anonymous

Honestly, while the word of mouth from players has been great, I haven’t really sat there at the start of practices and said, “Wow these guys are huge now.” We’re just going to have to wait until real games in the fall to find out for sure, especially since conditioning – playing well in the fourth quarter – is such an emphasis.

One thing from talking to players is that it’s a more targeted approach: For instance Caleb King has dropped pounds, but says he feels stronger.

Is Marc Weiszer your mortal enemy, as Newman was to Jerry, or Android is to Apple?
- Andy

Marc and I are fellow Maryland alums, and grew up in the same county. But yeah, we hate each other. … No, seriously, I’ve enjoyed working alongside Marc, and competing with him. He’s a very good reporter, a pro and a true journalist – which you can’t say about everyone in sportswriting these days.

With Butler's recent sucess, Do you think Georgia should go after Blue for the position of UGA IX? He'd bring a winning attitude. The lure of playing in the SEC just might be enough to pry him away.
- Russ for Uga IX in ‘011

Wait, are you jumping off the Russ bandwagon? As for Blue, you mention the lure of playing in the SEC, but that hasn’t been enough to pry Brad Stevens away yet. Maybe Georgia and Butler could come to a dog-sharing agreement, where Blue goes to Georgia during football season, then goes back to Butler for basketball.

Seth - your predictions for the Clasico series? Barca will play Real Madrid 4 times in the next 18 days with three trophies on the line - league, Copa del Rey and the Champions League. With the four matches so soon and across competitions, it can make for strategic intrigue in each game. Barca has a pretty hefty lead in the league standings so in theory Real could wreck Messi's knee in Saturday's league game and knock him out of the other trophy matches.
- Anonymous

Sadly, while I spent about half my childhood living in Spanish-speaking countries, I never quite picked up soccer as a sporting love. That’s my excuse for all the soccer snobs who say I’m an ugly American: I saw it up close, I appreciated it, but I stuck with the American sports. Got a problem with that? Well then time for me to sic Toby Keith on yer latte’-sippin, pencil neck … (The rest of this sentence has been deleted by editors because it became too laughable attempt at looking tough.)

Two Questions - 1) Don't know that I have ever understood the logic of always trying to redshirt offensive linemen because they are "not ready" What is the thought process behind this ? Seems to me being a big ugly just involves lots of blocking and tackling , while skill positions ( we will not redshirt Crowell for example) seem to require more knowledge of routes and overall schemes.

2)Any news on Butts Mehre locker room thefts ? Was there a video surveillance of the area where the thefts occurred ?
- Robert K. Burnham

1) Coaches can talk about the learning curve, but most of the time the redshirting is done based on whether they need the guy to play. As for offensive linemen, the desire to redshirt them early has more to do with trying to get them bigger. The strength programs at the college level are just so much more sophisticated than high school.

2) My understanding is there was a video surveillance, but the police haven’t made any arrests yet, so who knows what was gleaned.

Has your coverage of Georgia's football team allowed you any access to any other SEC team's spring news? In essence, how do you and/or other beat writers view Georgia as compared to our SEC brethren? I realize that I'm a Georgia homer, but I just believe that UGA is more talented than many other teams in the league and I just haven't heard the same level of "buzz" surrounding any other programs. Your thoughts?
- Harold

I’ve been pretty busy keeping up with Georgia, so my insight on the other 11 teams has more to do with comings and goings. For instance Ole Miss, which Georgia plays in September, just had quarterback Nathan Stanley decide to transfer, and lost perhaps its best defensive player, linebacker DT Shackleford. And of course there’s Stephen Garcia’s suspension at South Carolina.

Spring practice can be so hard to gauge. At some places there’s real progress – well there should be real progress everywhere, because practice shouldn’t hurt. But how much progress? How do you gauge that? How do you quantify that?

Let's get a bit more broad and then narrow to specific: How about your favorite quote from a movie? No matter what your answer is, it should be "I Drink your Milkshake!"
Best hero character flaw for any movie? Answer should be Outlaw Josey Wales. He spits his tobacco juice on dog heads, gotta love it. If I ever start chewing tobacco people better keep their dogs away cause I will Josey Wales 'em. My own dog will naturally learn to enjoy being Josey Wales'd.
- BigT

I have no particular comment on the latter portion, but I felt your effort shouldn’t go unnoticed.

As for favorite quote, you can pretty much pick out a half-dozen from “Blazing Saddles.” I just can’t quote many of them here.

Seth, can you give us your take on Coach Friend? Does he come off as competent and confident? Do you think he's ready for the big-time in the SEC? Thanks.
- Anonymous

I haven’t really seen enough of him to have a well-formed opinion yet. He doesn’t seem in over his head, put it that way. As for whether he’s confident, I’m sure he’s fine in that department, though compared to his predecessor, Stacy Searels, a lot of people would seem humble.

In your opinion, who is making a case to grab the number two receiver spot behind TKing?

If you're listening to Mumford and Sons you should definitely check out The Tallest man on Earth. Also, keep in mind that Umphrey's McGee is the greatest actively touring band on the planet.
- The Fussy Dawgman

Noted on the second part. … As for the first, it seems Marlon Brown is getting every chance to be the No. 2 receiver – but he hasn’t grabbed it yet. That’s a competition that’s going to carry well into preseason camp, especially with Malcolm Mitchell around.

Have you heard the new Foo Fighters ablum Wasting Light yet? If not I suggest you give it a listen. Dave Grohl is a rock God!
- Anonymous

Grohl has had one of the longest, most interesting careers in rock and roll. He was one of the “lesser-known” guys on one of the most groundbreaking groups in history (Nirvana, if you needed that). Kurt Cobain’s death could have sent him into obscurity, but instead he became a front man and has flourished. That just doesn’t happen much in music. Grohl is also a fellow Washingtonian, so I’ve always imagined we could be buddies.

Have you heard anything about Bobo adding some new plays or formations to the playbook? It's ok to lie to me.
Dougie Fresh

I’ll be truthful: With practices being closed, it’s hard to know. Coaches add plays every year, though, so I assume there will be a few new ones. I don’t know about formations, though. We’ll see at G-Day, perhaps.

How does Georgia's "injuries" in the spring stack up to other programs you have covered? It seems every spring we have loads of non-contact jerseys being handed out. Seems like it is usually the same players too.
- Roba300

Pretty normal. A lot of times fans and media will think the program they root for or cover has more than the usual share of this and that, but the opinion is skewed by being around them too much. It seems the rash of injuries at Georgia’s camp has been just that, and nothing to worry about – until Trinton Sturdivant. And that could happen anywhere.

What's going on with Christian Lemay? Looks like they're preparing to red shirt him, is this the plan? Lemay ok with it if so?
- Anonymous

It looks like Hutson Mason is the clear No. 2, so there’s a good chance LeMay gets redshirted. That’s probably a good idea considering he didn’t play high school ball last year. I’m sure LeMay is fine with it, especially if it helps extend his career later. Aaron Murray could be the starter for three more years.

Seth, I've seen listings for G-Day that have the CSS telecast starting at 1:00PM but the ESPN3 start time is 2:00PM. Whut up wit dat? Tape-delay?
- Carter

Hmm, no idea on ESPN3, I just know that the game is due to start at 1 p.m. and will be on CSS.

Any update on Ealey? Expected to play? Any chance of transfer from what you're hearing, sure hope not?
- Anonymous

It doesn’t look good for him playing on Saturday. He’s still here, even after the suspension, but I don’t think anyone would be shocked if he left.

Seth, are you a video gamer? If so, what are your favorite genres? Fighting, First-Person Shooter?

Also, are you looking forward to any particular movie this summer?

Finally, did Logan Gray get a fair shot to be QB the year Joe Cox was named the starter?
- Mr. Bixby

1) I play sports video games, not so much the action variety. 2) Any movies I should be waiting on? I haven’t looked. 3) No idea on Gray vs. Cox, that was before my time.

Seth! The first time you watched "Citizen Kane" what did you think "Rosebud" meant before they finally revealed it at the end of the movie. I like hearing all the different predictions people had.
- TripAces1

Who knew there would be this much discussion about “Citizen Kane”? I won’t spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it – including a certain friend of mine, who I’ve ordered to put "Kane" on her Netflix queue. But the first time I saw it, when I was in college, I didn’t guess what it was. And I prefer to be surprised by things like that: Back in the day I knew there was a major twist at the end of “Sixth Sense,” and was happy I didn’t guess it before it was revealed. It’s just more fun that way.

What is your perspective on the recent tax battle in the state legislature. Are you in favor of lowering your income tax 1.4% and having to pay taxes on services such as cell phones and auto repairs?
- Dawgfan1307

We have a state legislature?


Mike said...

You DEFINITELY need to hop on the Avett Brothers bandwagon. My roommate introduced me to them in 2006 and I was blown away. Their album "Emotionalism" is a great starting point.

Lord Dark Helmet said...

There is a much earlier, deeper catalog to dig through with the Avett Bros. Why start with their second to latest LP? What about "A Carolina Jubilee" or "Migonette"? Or even their debut S/T?

Anonymous said...


Since you spent half your life in Spanish speaking countries, shouldn't you know that the word "parte" is feminine and the title of this mailbag would thus be "primera parte" and not "primero parte"?

Just giving you a hard time. Good post - keep up the good work.

Joel said...

Would it have been more beneficial for the basketball program to have made a longer run in the NIT (like Alabama) or go one and done in the NCAA?
I feel like tournament experience and winning could have outweighed the buzz of being in the NCAA (although the taking heads were giving us a lot of love prior to the selection), but with the bulk of that team now gone, maybe not.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Interesting Grohl trivia:

He's the only person to ever have 3 top-100 singles at the same time, all with different bands.

In November of 2002, you had:
Nirvana - You Know You're Right
Foo Fighters - All My Life
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows