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Friday, April 15, 2011

Jarvis Jones finds a home with the Bulldogs

Here's the opening excerpt of my story in today's papers on Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones:

ATHENS - This was probably the best sign that Jarvis Jones, the pride of Columbus, didn’t quite fit in at Southern California. The now-Georgia linebacker was asked the other day what celebrities he remembered seeing during his one year at USC.

Jones labored.

“The dude, who sang -- what’d he sing -- ‘Lean on me,’ on ESPN. Who else? The coach on ‘The Waterboy.’ ”

Henry Winkler?

“Yeah, him.”

Then Jones thought some more.

“The dude that does the night show. He has a little night show that comes on.”

Jay Leno?

“I think that (was) Jay Leno.”

Don't worry, that part of the story ends there, and we get to football. Including some interesting quotes from defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and defensive end Derrick Lott.

Please read the full story here (for those of you in Macon) or here (for those of you in Jones' hometown of Columbus.

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