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Monday, April 18, 2011

An update on the Bonner/Carver story

Here’s our latest on today's big news: Three Columbus Carver High School football players, including highly-rated recruit Deion Bonner, being charged with theft from current Georgia players. Thanks to Chris White of the Ledger-Enquirer for his hustle in Columbus, where this is obviously big news.

Carver head coach Dell McGee said the three players would be suspended for the first five games of next season. As for whether Georgia’s offer still stands, McGee told White that he didn’t know what would happen. From the above-linked story:

McGee said he spoke with Georgia coach Mark Richt and said the Bulldogs coach viewed the alleged thefts as an isolated incident.

“(Richt) said these were just 16-, 17-year-old kids, that kids do different things, and it’s part of growing up,” McGee said. “It’s just an isolated incident that occurred. I know our program doesn’t stand for those types of things, and I don’t want to be represented by that.”

As for Georgia and head coach Mark Richt, they continue to decline comment on the matter.

Richt is kind of in a sticky position. According to NCAA rules, the program can at least confirm whether or not it is still recruiting a player.

But given the past tension between Georgia and Carver – which has only recently been smoothed over – it’s easy to see where Richt would want to let McGee and Bonner do the public speaking.

Still, I think it’s fair to say it would be a surprise to see Deion Bonner in a Bulldog uniform next year.


Anonymous said...

It’s part of growing up?! Are you freaking kidding me? When I was 16or 17 the thought of going into the locker room and stealing something that didn't belong to me never crossed my mind. I knew better. Take your garbage to UT or Florida.

matt b. said...

Agreed. I always hear, "well, he's just a kid". B.S.

I knew not to steal from the first time my parents taught me right from wrong. This was a pretty-damned brazen act. Gainesville FL is calling...

Anonymous said...

No way these theives make it to UGA. Hope they don't "graduate" to armed robbery. Absurd that they will ever play on a high school team again. Goodbye Columbus

Nate Dawg said...

"I think it’s fair to say it would be a surprise to see Deion Bonner in a Bulldog uniform next year." Don't be so sure, you don't know what else they took from that locker room!

Anonymous said...

These kids play between the hedges (unless visiting).... then my booster dollars stay in my wallet.

Anyone notice that we're half-way thru April and no busts yet?

Recruits robbing players? WTF. Screw these kids!!

Anonymous said...

Have to stop recruiting them. No excuse will do.

DawgInVA25 said...

This may be a good thing for us. We would have signed Bonner, bettter this happen now than when he is on the squad. As for recruiting we are done with him (surely). We have a good shot still with Geno and a decent shot with Yuri. Now we can reach out and offer Hosley or DJ White.

Anonymous said...

Gang, Richt had to be as diplomatic about this situation as possible, don't be morons. Bonner was the only one of these three that had an offer from UGA. However, the younger brother of one of the other two is a prospect and Carver has been a hotbed of talent of late and UGA has only recently gotten back in the good graces of Dell McGee. This Bonner kid won't be at UGA, and other two were never going to be anyway. Relax.

Anonymous said...

These kids did not make mistakes. They knew what they were doing was wrong, and did not care about the consequences.