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Monday, October 5, 2009

Redding: Call on A.J. Was a Mistake

A few links you probably should read today... or maybe not, depending on your emotional state.

-- Georgia Sports Blog looks deeper into Tim Brando's post-game comments. Here's my take: It doesn't matter whether racism is the real motivation here or not. The fact that enough evidence exists to make it an issue and there's enough lattitude given to officials to make it possible is enough that the SEC needs to step in and make an immediate change.

I'll just spoke with head of officials Rogers Redding who said, indeed, the call on A.J. Green was wrong. I asked him about Brando's comments, and he said that he was not aware of the comments but would not respond to them when I explained what was said. Redding also said that he believes the rule is fine, said the rule committee reviewed it just last year, and said that he believes it is generally applied properly (and was in the case of the flag on Orson Charles and LSU's final TD).

-- Catfish & Cornbread think the game ops at Sanford Stadium need some tinkering. I'll also add that I saw a pretty hefty contingent of fans already on their way out of the stadium before Cox's interception to end the game. Those folks should not be allowed to buy tickets anymore.

-- Lose a game because of a lack of discipline? That's bad. Lose a recruit because of it? That's a lot, lot worse. This is pretty shameful.

-- I have a lot of admiration for Rex Robinson. It takes some cojones to be as forthright as he has been during the past year about the problems at Georgia. There are plenty of former Dawgs on the team payroll who are more than happy to drench your leg and tell you it's raining. But at the same time, Rex keeps a cool head, too. I think his take on the coaches is pretty right on.

The one word I've heard most to describe the Georgia coaches today is stubborn. Perhaps it's fair to ask if that "family" atmosphere Rex discusses creates a bit of a groupthink mentality, so what we see as stubborn seems like unanimous support within the locker room. Sometimes a group needs a dissenting voice.

-- And finally, Adam Krohn gives you someone to be angrier at than Jon Fabris... himself. The worst part though, is that while Krohn has been bashing Georgia for a year with little evidence to support his claims, his arguments now have some traction. (But still not a lot.)


Daniel said...

They stopped playing rap music at Sanford? That needs to be corrected. The ultimate goal for gameday ops needs to be to create a home field advantage, not what a bunch of stuffy old Alumni think. If the music pumps the players up, that in turn pumps (most) of the crowd up, which pumps the players up even more. I fail to see what's more important than creating that intensity.

Anonymous said...

The dawg players who dumped Khairi Fortt at the dorm party might have done us all a favor. Maybe they spotted a dweeb and dealt with him appropriately.

We may be a football school, but we still have standards.

HVL Dawg

Anonymous said...

Adam's at it again, eh? You'll forgive me if I don't do the link? It's a nice strategy for building your webhits (writing some op piece on the local team to rile the natives) which our pal Jeff at the AJC perfected.

I can get better at the Red and Black than some washout Georgia State grad at the Dalton fish-wrap.

Chris said...

So if they now say the call was wrong, why the statement after the game yesterday affirming the call (“following a brief team celebration, Green made a gesture to the crowd calling attention to himself.”)? The SEC is only addressing this because of the outcry, not because they made the wrong call.

PNWDawg said...

Ok, so they acknowledged they screwed up on the A.J. call. I still think the call on Scott and Charles were terrible. And I would love to hear how he justifies Tebow running around 'drawing attention to himself' every time he does something with the ball. Please have someone in a position of power explain why Jesus' little brother is exempt.

PNWDawg said...

I actually wrote Krohn an email asking if he has it in for UGA based on his interpretation of the penalty. His response:

"If fairness, I wrote this column before the SEC officially apologized for the call. At the time, again, before an official explanation, it appeared the reason the penalty was called was because Green, along with some teammates, walked toward the crowd instead of toward the sidelines."

I'll let you decide how to interpret that. I must admit I agee with him on the how the program has appeared to slip the past few years. I also agree we aren't making the best of our talent. But I in no way support a coaching change. Richt is still a winner and more importantly a gentleman. A rare combination indeed.

Senator Blutarsky said...

I'll think about taking Adam Krohn more seriously when he demonstrates that he can compose an opening sentence competently.

the anonymous suckup said...

To David and anyone who followed the link about how Fortt was supposedly abandoned on his official visit...

I think it is only fair point out the later revalation that he had already committed to Paterno before his visit. You can be the judge about whether or not the abandonment story is true, but that isn't the whole story. Georgia did not lose him because of his treatment during his visit.

the anonymous suckup said...

Uhhh...I meant "revelation". I'm REALLY going to have to start proof-reading this stuff - at least until I can learn how to type...