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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Teleconference Notes (10/18)

Not a ton of news coming out of Mark Richt's Sunday teleconference today, but here are a few highlights...

-- Richt said he expects Shaun Chapas to definitely be ready to play vs. Florida and considers both Akeem Dent and Marcus Dowtin very likely to play.

-- Richt said having Quintin Banks back and playing was a big boost, both in terms of his play on the field, but as a big energizer for the defense.

-- UGA's staff will be on the road recruiting this week, and Richt said the message to recruits this week isn't much different than past seasons, despite Georgia's less-than-stellar record.

-- Richt said he's thrilled to be through the first seven games and hopes Georgia will not have to endure another stretch of seven straight against seven BCS-conference opponents to start a season. Called it the "toughest stretch we've ever had."

-- Washaun Ealey got the start Saturday, but Richt said there was a plan to start Caleb King had they decided to open with a different play call. As it is, Richt said he hasn't changed his opinion drastically on any of the tailbacks and wouldn't commit to a change in playing time for any of them going forward.

-- Richt said he hasn't spoken to Mike Bobo directly, but said he assumes Bobo will be on the sideline again in two weeks vs. Florida.

-- As we get to the bye week, Richt was asked what he liked best about his team through seven games and what concerns him the most.

Best: "They players are staying together, they're battling away, they're keeping the faith and they keep grinding."

Worst: "The inconsistent play, the inconsistency of all of our units. Some games, very, very good. Some games, not so good. Vanderbilt was the closest we've come to really putting it together as a team and looking like a solid football team. Hopefully we can begin to predict those types of performances, but right now, you're still not sure what you're going to get."


rbubp said...

Dear Coach Richt,

We play a schedule like that every year, and every year we beat the tar out of most of those teams. Stop your crying.

Love, Coach Pete Carroll

Anonymous said...

Really rbubp? USC's schedule is a joke every year.
San Jose Okie St
Ohio State South Carolina
Washington Arkansas
Wash St Arizona St
ND VS Tenn
Oregon St Vandy
Oregon Florida
Arizona St Tenn Tech
Stanford Auburn
UCLA Kentucky
Arizona GT

Which one of those schedules ;looks tougher to you? I'd trade with USC in a heartbeat. What are you even trying to say here?

Anonymous said...

well that didnt post like i wanted it to but you can look at them yourself. USC isn't the right team to use for this argument. And next year they play great ooc games like Hawaii, Virginia, Minnesota, and ND. Give me a break

ArchDawg said...

Anon 7:23 - USC's schedule is just as tough--if not tougher, even--than ours. The fact that they're feasibly better than most (or all) the teams on their schedule, and we aren't, does not take away from that fact.

JJH4 said...

The Pac-10 couln't hold the SEC's jock strap. Georgia's schedule will always be tougher because they play in the SEC. San Jose St. is a joke, ND is not any good. USC is a lot better than Georgia but their schedule is not.

rbubp said...

USC has never played an FCS team. I think we play one every year, right? Shaddap!!

You know all that travel Richt is always complaining about? Try traveling to one of the Washingtons every year (1200 miles) and one of the Oregons every year (900 miles) as well as playing the home-and-homes they do with eastern teams like ND, Ohio State, Texas, and Arkansas.

I'm tired of the whining about travel, being number one, the schedule, and Jacksonville from CMR. Grow the F up and act like you want to be a championship contender and will take everyone's best shot year-in, year-out because you are that damn good.

rbubp said...


Their schedule is pretty comparable, and anon 7:23 points out how comparable it is. The difference is USC's monumental travel requirements and the fact that you never hear them whining about it.

rbubp said...

AND FURTHER, Richt as ahining about this was "the toughest stretch [he] can remember." Well, there's our toughest schedule ever, and there's USC's schedule pretty much every year for you: 10 BCS opponents, tons of travel on back-to-back weeks, big intersectional rivalries early in the year, no FCS BS.

We do that one year and Richt has a freaking coronary.
(Then you guys wonder why we're so soft.)

JJH4 said...

I'd gladly travel to the Washingtons and Arizonas every year instead of the the Alabamas and Tennessees.

Okie St. > San Jose
Ga Tech > ND.

I'm not happy with CMR's comments but to say USC's schedule is harder year in year out is simply not true.

rbubp said...

You may have noticed that we don't play Alabama every year. We do, however, play Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and one FCS opponent every year.

You conveniently left out that Washington State is about equal to Vanderbilt, that Arizona is about equal to Kentucky, and that San Jose is better than every FCS team.

Oh, and that we usually have a second cupcake in addition to our FCS bonanza, like Central Michigan last year, Troy in 2007, UAB in 2006, Marshall in 2004-- those are in addition to the FCS game, don't forget, and THIS is what CMR is complaining about not having. USC, on the other hand, only gets one out of conference patsy each year because they play everyone in conference plus ND and one other marquee team--NOT an FCS beat-down-- Every. Single. Year. So if you think the conference schedules are roughly tougher for the SEC, and you give that most years GT and ND are about equal (GT is certainly not automatically better than ND this year, man, come on), and that both teams have one Div I softie, there's the difference that USC is swapping an FCS opponent for--wait for it--not Oklahoma State or Colorado or Clemson or Oregon or Louisville, but a home-and home with a big-time national championship contender like Texas or Ohio State.

Occasionally USC even has to play its toughest in- conference game on the road, too, unlike us (UF in Jax every year).

But despite how this appears, my point was really not about comparing overall schedule strength. I know we usually play a tough schedule, and we could argue this crap all year and not resolve anything.

I AM saying, however, that USC has "stretches" like that EVERY YEAR, that they don't whine about it, and that whining about the schedule is for losers.
I don't think we're losers. We should stop talking like it.

MoDawg said...

When did this become an AJC blog page??

C'mon, guys!

Paul said...

rbubp, I agree with your thesis. I think some element of your (and my) dissatisfaction with Coach Richt's response to scheduling challenges is that he's not thinking through his answers in a politically correct kind of way. The other, though, is that he's just answering reporter's questions instead of completely dodging them the way others would.

I don't care about the SC-GA schedule comparison. Afterall, SC lost in Seattle, we won in Nashville. It's SC's attitude (which starts with Pete Carroll) vs our attitude.