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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Traffic Problems for UGA

Vince Vance is the latest Bulldog to be arrested for driving without a license.

Marc Weiszer reports that there will not be a suspension.

I gotta say... I can't condone that. No, it's not the worst charge in the world. But it's also not the first time Vance has been arrested for it.

Can someone at UGA please arrange a field trip to the DMV?


Anonymous said...

Why not just have one of the secretaries over at Butts-Mehre get a copy of every player's license when they arrive on campus, make a spreadsheet with the expiration date, and notify the kid when he has got a month left?

If a kid does not have a license when he gets to school, make that a condition of practicing with the team.

You could also do this with tickets, for occasions like Rennie's.

It is pretty apparent that these kids are simply incapable of taking care of their own business, so someone else has got to do it for them.

Anonymous said...

We need to hire someone to be in charge of drivers licenses for these morons. This is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt has always been fair and even-handed when dealing with disciplinary issues. No one in the SEC suspends players like we do, immediately after an arrest & whether or not a big game is up next.

That's why this perplexes me. As you mentioned this isn't his first arrest. In addition, Cuff was just suspended for the Vandy game for a similar violation...for a first offense. Why the difference in treatment?

As much as i think its stupid to suspend players for a traffic violations (not to mention ridiculous for ACC or UGA cops to arrest them for God sakes!) i do not want to have even the slightest appearance of preferential treatment. We need to be consistent here.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can't do too much about that traffic stop, but at least as a UGa fan living in Florida, I will now be able to get my own UGA TAG. That makes me feel better, no matter what happens on Saturday!
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