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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Links (10/14)

A couple quick things I wanted to address:

First, I appreciate all the kind words from my post yesterday, but it really wasn't necessary. I didn't post that hoping to defend myself or fish for compliments. I was just hoping we could maybe all be a bit more reasoned in our approach to discussing the team. I don't expect many positive reviews of the Bulldogs right now, and that's completely fair. But I think we can all be honest without being ridiculous. Besides, no one is going to get thrown under the bus this week or probably this season, so let's have a little patience and see how things play out.

Second, I want to give a bit of a hat tip to Georgia's players and coaches. The bottom line is they stunk last week, but not a single one of them ducked interviews this week. Mike Bobo answered every question posed to him. Willie Martinez stood in front of a contingent of reporters for what has to seem like the 1,000th time and did his best to look optimistic. Every player -- despite the rampant criticism -- showed up and answered questions that, I'm quite certain, weren't easy to answer. That's saying a lot for guys who are 18, 19, and 20 years old.

That's not to say we all need to give them a free pass. I certainly won't when posing those tough questions. But for all the talk of a lack of accountability, I think their continued ability to discuss the team's problems ad nauseam is commendable. I can honestly say I sure wouldn't be looking forward to dealing with reporters after I screwed up at my job.

Anyway, that's my ray of sunshine for the day. Now back to the ugliness...

-- Tyler Estep writes that Georgia's secondary has few answers for the poor play that has resulted in three 300-yard passers so far this season.

-- Hey Jenny Slater manages to find a lot of bright spots that sort of underscore what a disaster the season has been.

-- ESPN's John D Lukas has a great story tracing the history of Georgia's famed hedges.

-- Chip Towers looks at the recruiting rankings for Georgia's current crop of defenders and says that the talent should be there but the performance is not.

-- Georgia won't be the only team with a player suspended for the Vanderbilt game.

-- Team Speed Kills gives Willie Martinez the backhanded compliment treatment.

-- The Tennessean doesn't have its facts straight, but they don't like Willie either.

-- Doctor Saturday has a pretty fair breakdown of Georgia's problems this season.

-- Tim Tucker has Georgia's mid-season report card.

-- David Ching has some wise insight: Georgia doesn't just need a change in coaches. It needs a change in culture.

-- Bernie parses my post from yesterday, and since flattery will get you everywhere, I'll definitely endorse reading his thoughts.

-- The first Mumme Poll results of the season are in, and there are few surprises. Still, it looks like the poll has worked splendidly in its first week and things will only get more interesting with a bunch of big games on the docket this weekend.

-- The NCAA isn't a big fan of how Alabama does business.

-- Speaking of Alabama, Kevin Scarbinsky says Kirby Smart would be none too smart to leave 'Bama and come back to Georgia as D coordinator. The most damning part is this line: "Georgia's a sinking ship."

-- Here's a cool list for all my 2nd Amendment-supporting readers: The 15 most famous movie guns.

-- And finally, here's a list of famous women who would look better with mustaches. I think Kelly Osbourne ends up looking just like the bassist from Spinal Tap.


Blue Gill said...

Be sure and read the entire Hey Jenny Slater blogpost.

It is kick ass.

Will said...

You'd think a writer in Alabama would be wary of the "sinking ship" metaphor...what with the Tide being two seasons removed from losing to Louisana-Monroe and all.

One-year turnarounds with the right staff are possible when the talent's there.

Rob said...

Wow, and to think that this entire time, I expected a blogger from Birmingham to write an article giving reasons why Kirby Smart should go to Georgia.

Sure, Smart left Richt for Saban...but it was also for a better position with higher pay. Will Saban give him even more money should he be offered the UGA job? Probably. However, I disagree with our unbiased neighbor to the west on his point about Damon Evans.

Evans has been reluctant to pay large amounts of money to assistant coaches in the past, but I could very easily see this change. Evans has already shown he is willing to pay big bucks for coaches during his search for a hoops coach. I think with Damon's recent comments, it's obvious that he is less than intrigued with Willie and, thus, would be more than happy to dish out the dough for Kirby Smart if he believed it would significantly improve our football team.

Of course, all this talk is premature at this point, but I don't see why it's that absurd to think that Smart would head back to Athens town (or why he would be dumb to do it).