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Saturday, October 10, 2009

UGA-Tennessee Live Blog


Greetings from Neyland Stadium. We're just a minute or two from kickoff. Some pregame notes...

-- Georgia will be kicking off first.

-- Vince Vance is starting at left tackle.

-- The Eric Berry rap video played pregame is every bit as awesome as I'd imagined.

OK, lots more to come throughout.


-- Touchback on the kickoff. What a shocker.

-- Crompton burns Bryan Evans on each of his first two passes for a combined 41 yards to set up a first down at the Georgia 39. Another promising start.

-- By the way, last night I may have yelled "Crompton for Heisman" out the window of the car at a number of Tennessee fans. Maybe.

-- You get a really good view of the Wigsphere from the press box. It's lovely.

-- Kevin Cooper had Reshad Jones beat for an easy score but Crompton overthrew him. One play later, Crompton misses Luke Strocker, leaving Tennessee to punt. In to receive... Logan Gray!

-- Tennessee downs the punt at the 1, and Georgia's offense will have 99 yards to work with.

-- Georgia runs two tight ends -- White and Lynch -- and Cox keeps it out to the 2. Richard Samuel got the start at tailback.

-- Tennessee is flagged for offsides which gives Georgia a little breathing room. UGA still runs two tight ends with A.J. Green the only receiver split wide.

-- Samuel can't pick up a third-and-inches even with a fullback barrelling up the middle as a lead blocker. Yikes. Butler in to punt.

-- It's a 61-yard punt, which will help Butler's average a tad. Tennessee starts from its own 29.

-- The wireless password in the press box is the same as my wireless password at home. Interesting.

-- Bryce Brown in the game for Tennessee for the first time on thrid-and-9. Crompton forced to scramble and finds tight end Luke Stocker for a huge gain. A flag comes in after the play, howver, and UT is called for a clip. That pushes the Vols back 10 yards, but it's still a first down and a 16-yard gain after the flag.

-- The press box announcer calls him Cornelius Warsh-ington.

-- Crompton hits Cooper for another completion. Cooper fumbles the ball out of bounds, setting up a third-and-3.

-- Hardesty goes nowhere, and UT will have to punt again. Justin Houston on the tackle for a loss of two.


-- OK, so for once Logan Gray isn't out there and I guess we now know why he's been used so much. Prince Miller leaps to field a punt heading into the end zone and returns it to the 13. I officially apologize to Fabris for criticizing his use of Gray.

-- Washaun Ealey into the game for Georgia at tailback. A.J. and Moore split out wide. Orson in at tight end.

-- Marlon Brown is in the game. Interestingly, the name on the back of his uniform is simply, "Brown." Marquise Brown's uniform is "M. Brown." Cox hits A.J. for a first down.

-- Ealey picks up a first down on his first carry, a three-yard gain to the 40.

-- Moore now has three catches for 24 yards -- officially exceeding his totals from the last two games combined.

-- Cox hit his first six passes, but Wooten dropped a quick throw on the seventh attempt to bring up a third-and-3.

-- Third-and-3 at the 42... it's times like these Georgia probably wishes it had a running game. Speaking of, the Dawgs probably caught a break with the weather. Cox throwing in the rain and no established ground game would have been bad news.

-- Cox's pass is tipped at the line of scrimmage and intercepted by Chris Walker. He's tackled immediately, but the Vols set up shot at their own 44.

-- Crompton hits Quinton Hancock for a 14-yard gain, and once again there was no coverage within 7 yards of him. Prince Miller darts over to force him out of bounds.

-- Hardesty picks up a first down after consecutive impressive runs. First down at the UGA 31 for Tennessee.

-- Bryce Brown follows that with a run to the 22 for a 9-yard gain. That'll end the first quarter with Tennessee threatening.


-- Interesting note: Georgia has failed to score a touchdown in seven of the last eight quarters it has played.

-- Crompton so far: 5-of-7 for 87 yards. And one of those incompletions had nothing to do with Georgia's coverage. It was an ugly overthrow of a wide open receiver.

-- Crompton throws to the end zone incomplete, but a flag comes in for pass interference on Reshad Jones. That'll set Tennessee up with a first-and-goal at the six.

-- Crompton to Jones in the flat for an easy touchdown. It was play action and Crompton rolled out to the left while Georgia completely bit on the run. Prince Miller was the closest man to Jones, but he never had a chance. Tennessee 7, Georgia 0 (8-56-4:29).

-- Boykin fields the kick 2 yards deep, goes up the middle and splits the wedge and darts down the sideline for a 102-yard touchdown. That's his second kick return for a TD this season, and I'm going to go out on a limb that this is some type of record for 100-yard plays in a season. See, Tennessee, that's why you don't kick deep! Georgia 7, Tennessee 7.

-- OK, I take it back. Willie Gault has the SEC recrod with three 100-yard returns in the same season.


-- Momentum? Who needs momentum? Nu'Keese Richardson breaks the kickoff up the middle to the 40 where he's taken down by his facemask by Richard Samuel. That gives Tennessee the ball at the Georgia 45 to start its drive. I'll update my list of post big-play kickoff debacles later.

-- Georgia's D is making Crompton look like a star. He completes another 12-yard gain to the 33. Prince Miller on the tackle.

-- Crompton hits Denarius Moore at the 30-yard line and Rennie Curran misses a tackle. Moore darts through three Georgia defenders down the sideline, eluding a diving shoulder tackle by Bryan Evans, for a 33-yard touchdown. Tennessee 14, Georgia 7 (3-45-1:19)

-- Crompton's numbers so far: 8-of-11 for 138 yards and two touchdowns.

-- Marlon was wide open on a third-and-6 and Cox hit him in stride... only he dropped it. A flag comes in following the incompletion, however, and the boos from Tennessee's fans are loud. Turns out, the flag was against Georgia for a false start on Green, which is a blessing in disguise. It was a dead ball foul, so Georgia gets a do-over from 5 yards farther back.

-- Cox hits Chapas who picks up about 8 yards after the catch for a first down.

-- Mike Moore flagged for a clip, negating a 4-yard run by Ealey. That'll back Georgia up to the 19 to set up a first-and-16. I'm barely staying awake here. Need more coffee.

-- Carlton Thomas comes onto the field for the first time in... well, a while. What's that say about Richard Samuel, by the way?

-- There's Marlon Brown's first reception. The press box announcer calls him Marion Brown. It's a nine-yard gain to set up third-and-6.

-- Cox hits A.J. to the 47. Tennessee brought the house on that one and credit to Carlton Thomas who did a nice job of picking up his block and giving Cox just enough time to get the throw off. Cox hits A.J. again on the next play, but Green drops it. Green comes off the field holding his hand.

-- Carlton Thomas gets his first carry since the Arkansas game for a 12-yard gain. First down at the Tennessee 41.

-- Israel Troupe made his first appearance of the game. Georgia has a third-and-4 at the 35 and Cox throws incomplete. Walsh comes in for a 52-yard field goal try. And it's good. Tennessee 14, Georgia 10. (13-51-5:49)


-- Walsh is now 3-for-3 from outside 50 this season and is 5-of-8 in his career.

-- Richardson returns it to the Tennessee 29. Two other notes worth mentioning: 1.) Arkansas is killing Auburn. Nice work on my picks again this week. 2.) Got to see three cops absolutely beat the crap out of a drunk Tennessee fan last night. That was good times. The highlight was when one cop slipped and fell while trying to kick the guy.

-- Hey, another completion for Crompton takes the ball out to the 41 for another first down. Boy, this Crompton fellow is quite good. Funny that I hadn't heard anything about him prior to the game. He certainly couldn't be the same guy who was booed by his own fans during the pregame introductions.

-- Crompton was under pressure and got a pass off to Jones. Bryan Evans went for the pick and Jones made the catch, spun, and darted 33 yards down the field for a first down before Reshad Jones pushed him out of bounds.

-- Crompton hits Denarius Moore again for a 14-yard gain to the 5. I have to say, I'm not looking forward to hearing the "Fire Willie" cries this week. It's going to be ugly.

-- Crompton hits Marsalis Teague for a 5-yard TD in the back of the end zone. There was NO ONE anywhere near Teague for Georgia. I could have completed that pass. Wow. Tennessee 21, Georgia 10 (6-74-2:50)

-- It's rare you get to be at a game where fans are derisively chanting "Crompton for Heisman" before kickoff and actually chanting "Cromtpon for Heisman" before halftime. His numbers so far: 12-of-15 for 205 yards and 3 TDs. Best press box comment of the day so far: "Man, Georgia's D is making Crompton look like Stephen Garcia."

-- Richard Samuel back in at tailback. Eric Berry absolutely levels Cox in the backfield, while Joe manages to get off a rocket pass to a grad assistant on the sideline.

-- So much for the great pass blocking. Cox has been on his backside on two of the past three plays. Georgia will punt again after a three-and-out.

-- I give you folks credit... at least you're having a little fun with this debacle. I've enjoyed the comments so far immensely. Keep up the good work.

-- Georgia blocks Tennessee's punt... Zach Renner! Where have you been all season? That goes for a safety. Tennessee 21, Georgia 12. (BTW, 21-12 is my favorite Rush albmum.)

-- Please explain to me how you think you can get a play off in less than one second. Why would you spike it with 1 second left? Take a shot down the field. That's the only option. How do you not know this? It is physically impossible to take the snap and spike the ball without the one second ticking off. It's not college basketball. I'm dumfounded.

-- Halftime score: Tenn 21, Georgia 12.


-- Crompton has never had more than two TD passes against a BCS conference opponent in his career. He's only ever done it once, and that was against woeful Western Kentucky in Week 1 this season. In his career, he has nine TD passes and 13 INTs against BCS conference opponents. In two quarters of football today: He's 12-of-15 for 205 yards and 3 TDs. Yikes.

-- Press box spread: Wings, chili dogs, ice cream and cookies. I will never say a bad word about Tennessee again as long as I live.

-- Cox's numbers: 13-of-20 for 126 yards and an INT. Twenty throws in the first half. Not a good sign. Oh, and as for "balance" -- Georgia has run the ball just nine times for 30 yards.

-- Tennessee averaging just three yards a carry on the ground, but Crompton has looked great. The Bulldogs don't have a sack yet either. So much for that six-sack effort last week.

-- First downs: UT 12, Georgia 8. Penalties: UGA 5-50, Tenn 6-42. TOP: UT 16:21, UGA 13:39.


-- Cox fumbles a snap and tries to recover and throw out of bounds. He doesn't get it there though and Dennis Rogan comes up with the interception at the UGA 49. Man, Cox has looked like a freshman today -- just a ton of poor decisions.

-- Zach Rogers takes a handoff and goes 15 yards to the Georgia 34. More missed tackles along the way. This game has really exposed just about every flaw Georgia has, and we've still got 27 minutes left to play.

-- Another big completion for Crompton to Jones, picking up 14 to the UGA 15. You could say this has been a Rocky Flop for Georgia. Get it? Rocky Flop? Cuz it's Tennessee. That's gold, Jerry. Gold.

-- Georgia's defense holds, forcing a field goal. Daniel Lincoln connects from 30 yards out. Tennessee 24, Georgia 12 (7-36-2:33)

-- What are the odds the coaches start thinking about removing that redshirt from Aaron Murray?

-- As good as he looked last week, Ealey has done nothing this week. Not going to win many SEC games if you can't run the football at all.

-- Cox had Orson Charles open on third-and-11 and threw behind him. He was once again under a ton of pressure again. The supposedly great pass blocking has definitely not been that today.

-- Rogan muffed the punt -- another great one from Butler -- and the ball stayed on the ground for what seemed like about an hour-and-a-half. Finally Rogan recovered it as Georgia's coverage team dove in. Tennessee ball.

-- Baccari Rambo picks off a Crompton pass (and this was vintage Crompton!) and Prince Miller lays out a nice block to help Rambo to the end zone. Tennessee 24, Georgia 19.

-- This is the closest blowout I've ever watched. Wait... didn't I say that last week?


-- Just a quick score breakdown: Georgia's defense -- 9 points. Georgia's special teams -- 7 points. Georgia's offense -- 3 points.

-- That's Georgia's first defensive score since Darryl Gamble's second INT return last year against LSU.

-- Breaking news: Tim Tebow has been cleared to play tonight. I just don't have the energy to make a joke here.

-- Hmmm... a kickoff that nearly goes out of the end zone and results in a touchback. Interesting philosophy, but I'm not sure I can agree with it.

-- Nice open-field tackle by Baccari Rambo. To paraphrase what Willie Martinez should be saying: "Bottom line, this kid executes. Bottom line."

-- Crompton hits Moore for an 18-yard gain. Boykin had some ugly coverage on that one, Reshad made the tackle.

-- Christian Robinson in the game. Crompton completes another third-down pass, hitting Nu'Kese Richardson for a first down.

-- And one play later, Hardesty goes right down the middle for a 39-yard touchdown run. Tennessee 31, Georgia 19 (8-80-4:15)

-- Total yards so far: Tennessee 369, Georgia 167. Just an FYI, I haven't ready any comments since before halftime. I'll probably wait til after the game to really digest them.

-- Cox throws a very ill-advised pass to Green who manages to escape a tackle 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Green circles around and nearly has his head ripped off for a 1-yard loss.

-- Logan Gray in, and in a move absolutely no one could have seen coming, he keeps for no gain. Joe Cox back in.

-- Remember when everyone was saying how "catchable" Cox's throws were? Moore just had at least the fourth ugly drop of the day by a receiver. Another three-and-out... the third in a row for the Dawgs.

-- Prince Miller kicks a Butler punt in the wrong direction. This game feels like it should be accompanied by the Benny Hill theme music.

-- One bit of good news for next week: Army is currently beating Vanderbilt 13-10.

-- Hardesty carries about five Georgia defenders for six yards to pick up a first down. He's good. Georgia is not.

-- Crompton goes deep and hits Jones for a 51-yard touchdown. Jones was wide open, burning Prince Miller badly. That's TD No. 4 for Crompton. Tennessee 39, Georgia 19 (3-62-1:20)

-- That's a career high in passing yards for Crompton, obviously. He's now at 301 yards -- the third QB to post a 300-yard game against Georgia this season.

-- Another illegal block in the back penalty against Georgia -- this one on Christian Robinson -- will have the Dawgs start their drive at the 9-yard line. OK, I'm saying it -- Logan Gray needs to be in the game.

-- Cox hits A.J. for no gain. A.J. is visibly frustrated on the sideline. This is just getting ugly.

-- Another pass tipped at the line of scrimmage and falls incomplete. The only saving grace for Georgia is that they aren't at home right now. The boos might be louder than the cheers Tennessee is getting. The third quarter mercifully comes to an end without Georgia earning a first down.


-- So Georgia's offense didn't score a TD in the final three quarters against Arizona State. Didn't score in the first three quarters against LSU. And hasn't gotten into the end zone in the first three quarters of this game. Disaster.

-- 431 yards of total offense for Tennessee so far... and counting. The Vols have outgained Georgia 130-41 on the ground.

-- My mistake -- Georgia did earn one first down in the third quarter. Big oversight on my part. My apologies to Washaun Ealey for forgetting his 1-yard run on Georgia's first drive of the half.

-- Tennessee fans are doing the wave. With all the orange, it kind of looks like an Ocean Spray commercial. I'm dizzy.

-- Brandon Boykin gets hurt and is limping off the field. Injury to insult. What a day.

-- Probably worth pointing out -- the pass blocking has been much worse today, and Caleb King and Richard Samuel have barely played. How much of a connection might there be?

-- Carlton Thomas goes around the edge to pick up 13 yards. Thomas has been the lone offensive highlight today.

-- Boykin is up and moving around on the sideline with his helmet in his hand, but he's still limping noticeably.

-- Cox hits Mike Moore on fourth down and Moore gets hit by Eric Berry, coughs up the football and Berry takes the ball away and returns it all the way to the Georgia 11-yard line. Neyland Stadium has been an absolute house of horros for Georgia the past two visits.

-- Pass interference on Prince Miller in the end zone puts the ball at the 2. Boykin is on the field but really limping.

-- And another pass interference flag on Georgia. This one on Boykin. Willie just chucked his clipboard about 10 yards down the field.

-- And this time Bryce Brown walks in from a yard out, the icing on this turd-flavored cake. Tennessee 45, Georgia 19 (2-14-0:57)

-- Georgia has 16 turnovers this season which have led to 71 points by the opposition. Georgia has created five turnovers for 13 points.

-- Logan Gray finally in at QB. Richard Samuel picks up 17 to the UGA 43.

-- Marlon is being booed mercillously each time he's targeted. You stay classy, UT fans.

-- Gray keeps for 6 yards and is pounded after picking up the first down. That's the most successful that play has been all year.

-- On fourth-and-5, Gray throws behind Aron White, who was open downfield. The pressure came from the UT defense yet again. Tennessee fans are leaving to get an early start on the celebration down at the Wigsphere.

-- I think that'll do it for me, too. I've seen enough. Please try to keep the comments civil enough that the blog doesn't show up on any FBI surveilance. Other than that, I'll have notes in about two hours.


Anonymous said...

Where is our rushing defense?? and why does our defense look like they're always scrambling to get ready for the play at the last second??? we have GOT to get better in the field position game!!!

papadawg said...

1. Why didn't we kick it deep after Boykin's TD???

2. How was that not a personal foul on UT hitting Brown in the helmet? Are they saying that if there is a false start, then you can rip someone's head off and it's not a foul?

Anonymous said...

You see how we always seem to start off slow and let the other team take control of the momentum, we have got to turn that around NOW. it's been that way for a long time under Richt, but i'd bet money if u looked at some stats on how we start games it'd be very interesting. we have got to go TAKE OVER games like Bama and Uf do

DevildawgNC said...

How does it go? Frei Willie? Frie Willie? Can't be Feir Willie. What was it again? After seeing all this poor tackling, I'm tempted to get on that band wagon...

jferg said...

Zach renner.....NOT graduated!!

DevildawgNC said...

Well, Dave, I was astounded they tried to spike the ball there too. At the same time, Moore went down just after the clock had turned to 3. I know they tend to run the clock over a second or two, but here at this crucial moment? He threw himself on the ground to save the clock, and some idiot in the booth or the ref with the whistle made his smart play all for naught.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Observations so far:

-Biggest play of the 1st half was Wooten's drop. That was a beautiful drive staller, and next play was the INT.

-UT fans booing Marlon Brown is hilarious.

-Honestly, Willie Martinez needs to go. This is pretty pathetic. Ever heard of play-action?

-Georgia's season hinges on the 2nd half of this game. Got the ball first, gotta like that.

Coondawg said...

I'm not a Fire Willie guy but when you make Crompton look good, the wheels have come off the wagon.

hartwell dawg said...

uga's season? are you serious?

Carter said...

Willie Gault, and for that matter the whole Bears team, was unstoppablen Tecmo Bowl.

Carter said...

*unstoppable on Tecmo Bowl*

Apologies, I'm inebriated.

Anonymous said...

Well they ripped us off with clock there clearly at the end of the half. BUT we have to SERIOUSLY VALUE our possessions and each down more than we do. we look like we're just running thru our offensive downs like we have a million of them, Joe Cox needs to slow down, calm down, relax and regroup

Anonymous said...

This game is very simple, it's ALL coaching. Richt is the DEAN of sec coaches for heaven's sake!! we are simply being outcoached right now, which is unnaceptable, and if u can't see that you're blind. Can our offense score a touchdown please!!!!!!!!!!!

DevildawgNC said...

I know I'm dominating the comments, aside from the prolific "Anonymous," but DID YOU SEE THAT KICK??? It almost went out the back of the end zone!! That's what I like to see!

papadawg said...

So, now our Special Teams AND our Defense are outscoring our Offense. Nice.

On a positive note, I love screaming "Gooooo Rambo!" at the TV

Anonymous said...


pa said...

Not in the 1st 3 Quarters!!!!

Weren't you watching last week?

Anonymous said...

thats it, say goodbye to willie martinez, he's done, u can no longer defend him. PUT WILLIE OUT TO PASTURE and let him go work with Ron Zook at illinois

Dawgfan said...

Willie needs to be fired in about 15 minutes!

GoDawgs921 said...

i think rambo should celebrate his next int for a td by using the ball like a machine gun and shooting his team mates who would then all fall to the ground. it would be classic. someone get on this stat.

Dawgfan said...

Willie needs to be fired ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I think the most important question right now is WHO are we going to hire as defensive coordinator that is SIGNIFICANTLY better than Willie? and i mean significantly!

Anonymous said...

Anybody have extra UGA-Vandy tickets? Those should be tough to come by next week.

Anonymous said...

I love UGA, God knows I do, but there has got to be some personnel changes after this game. Cox has got to go. I don't know how anyone can defend Cox now. I know he's not the sole cause of our miserable season, but sorry folks, he's a large part of it, numbers on paper are NOT adding up to numbers on the field or the scoreboard, period.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if wwe could get Kirby Smart from bama?

pa said...

Nooooobody knows...
the trouble I seen.

Noooooobody knows.....
my sor-row.

Carter said...

Either Richt makes the changes volunatarily after the Tech game, or AD Evans can do it for him. If Richt refuses, then I suggest he walks away from his contract.

I always have been a Richt fan and will continue to be until I see what changes he makes at the end of the season.

However, my loyalty is first to the University and second to the program. A coach is simply a caretaker for our program. Coaches can have my confidence and my respect. Until they don't. The next few months will determine that for me.

Anonymous said...

UGA is a terrible football team. The coordinators are terrible, coach Richt is outclassed by at least 7 coaches in the SEC, and the players and recruits know it. The era is over. Now we have to suffer for the next 3 years until the loyalty to Richt teeters over into intolerance. It was a good run, but the truth is coach Richt's accomplishments were made possible by Jim Donnan's players. He's an awful recruiter and has proven time after time, year after year that he can't put skill players on the field with an O'line at the same time. RIP coach Richt. Your days are numbered.

Dawgfan said...

Max- I'm sorry but you are an idiot! Richt only won with Donnan players-WHAT? Awful recruiter? WTF? UGA has had a top 10 class since he has been here. I hate losing this year but please have a little perspective. Richt is one of the winningest active coaches. It's Willie that needs to go not Richt!

JJ said...

Dawgfan - if Richt isn't willing to make the necessary changes, he should and will be fired. Its that simple. He probably also needs to make some comments to that effect this week or go ahead and make those changes (i.e. put some "writing on the wall"), or the rest of this season is going to be a living hell for him around Athens.

We've looked worse more in the past 1+ season than Donnan did in an entire career at UGA. And that is saying alot.

Dawgfan said...

I agree that Willie has to go and Richt has to make that call. But Richt is a great coach and man and we are lucky to have him. It's crazy to lose a few games and call for his head. Do we so quickly forget?

Hobnail_Boot said...

David- a question, and a comment.

1) Can you try to find out this week if the UGA staff ever scouts itself? As you noted, UT exposed every single one of Georgia's flaws, and it seemed like just the sort of gameplan that anyone who has watched UGA all season would have drawn up.

2) At the risk of sounding like sour grapes, I just want to point out how low-rent UT is. Way to cheer when Boykin was hurt and every time Marlon made a play.

DevildawgNC said...

Ditto on the TN fans, not that it's the least bit of a surprise. Thankfully the only Vol fans I know live far away, and Duke just scored a TD.

Dawgfan said...

Devil- unfortunately I like in Nashville. I hate losing to the Vols. The next 364 days are murder for me. I already have about 50 text messages and had to turn my phone off.

rbubp said...

I'm done for this year. I can't watch this crap.

One of the worst teams in the league, and we get hammered. Who thinks we can beat Tennessee TECH?
I wouldn't put money on it.

I think Richt is a pretty darn good recruiter. but the ante has been upped throughout the league and this staff is now routinely getting its pants pulled down. It's sad and pathetic.

Universal Remonster said...

You know, a few years ago we lost to Vandy and Kentucky in the same season, so I won't say that this is the worst team CMR has fielded for a couple more games, but man oh man does there need to be some sort of fire lit underneath every single coach and player in this organization before we end up handicapping ourselves for all the upcoming years.