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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Teleconference Notes (10/4)

A few notes to come from Mark Richt's teleconference tonight...

-- Richt said the team needs to be able to block better, but put a great deal of the onus for the under-performing running game on the tailbacks. "There's been times when we've gotten just about as far as we've blocked, and we need backs that will get more than just what's been provided. That's why (Charles Scott) is such a great player. We need a little bit more of that, too."

-- But the playcalling is an issue as well: "We need to have enough of a good mix of run-pass to keep people off balance a little bit."

-- Richt said he watched the film of the running game today and said that the coaches discussed it and have decided not to change the pecking order yet, but Richt didn't rule out making changes tomorrow or after practices this week.

-- Richt said he is waiting to talk about the celebration penalty with Rogers Redding, the SEC's head of officials. He said he saw nothing on any of the film that would be considered a penalty and was given no indication that anything happened to cause the penalty that was not caught on camera. He said A.J. absolutely went immediately to his teammates following the TD, which fits with the rule.

-- Richt was asked about the playing time battle between Bryan Evans and Baccari Rambo, and while he stopped short of saying Rambo would be the starter, he said the redshirt freshman would continue to get more playing time and that the best player would play, regardless of seniority.

-- Richt said that he was not any more involved in the play calling in the second half than normal, despite having the head set on for nearly the entire half.

-- Regarding the special teams problems, Richt only spoke specifically about this game but said that, a.) the kick coverage was affected a great deal by the wind and by Trindon Holliday's immense talent and b.) the use of Logan Gray on punts is in large part because Georgia is using essentially its regular defensive unit to prevent a fake.


Ludakit said...

Heaven forbid our kickoff problems be the fault of a coach who's great at his position but couldn't coach a special teams unit to save his life.

I'll NEVER be the guy that calls for Richt's head, but man, I'd love to see a lot more Evil Richt. Our team and fanbase could use that right now.

Anonymous said...

"Regarding the special teams problems, Richt only spoke specifically about this game but said that, a.) the kick coverage was affected a great deal by the wind and by Trindon Holliday's immense talent"

Please tell me that part about the wind was a sarcastic remark from you David and not a serious response by our Head Coach. Otherwise we are screwed & it explains a lot. Jesus.

I never thought i'd see there day where i just wouldn't believe/trust a lot of the stuff coming out of Richt's mouth anymore. But it feels like week after week we hear nothing but lame excuses.

AwesomeDawg said...

This season really feels like a Goff or Donnan season. We as fans have zero expectations, the team plays inconsistantly at best, the coaching staff appears to have little to no clue as to how to fix whatever is wrong. I really hope that Richt is able to right this ship before it get out of hand! Is it just my lack of football wisdom, or does CMR appear to be as clueless as the rest of us? I hope that it is a me problem.

jferg said...

I feel pretty good about this team. We've only lost 2 games and those two games were to the #5 and #4 teams in the country (that week). Sure, we have problems, but the year isn't a wash.
Willie's D looked much better. Hopefully that's a credit to CWM and the Defensive players and not the lack of play from the LSU o-line.
Washun looked good too. Both he and King have what it takes, physically.
AJ is great but we definitely need a couple more options b/c he will be covered heavily by Monte next week.
I still like our chances of 9-3.

DH, can you tell me what happened to Renner from last year's team? Can we get another Renner to try to sneak a punt block here and there?

MikeInValdosta said...

Well, at least he didn't blame it on Blair Walsh.

Sometimes I do not think CMR is aware there are 10 other guys on the kickoff unit. Does anybody remember why they are out there? Yeah you, Fabris!

Trey said...

You know, I love Richt and hope he is here until he retires... but he CANNOT admit problems. He just hints around at them. How many games now has our coverage been TERRIBLE on kickoffs? And now he's blaming it on the wind? Please tell me he's just saying that for the media and doesn't really let the terrible kicking game go on a "windy" excuse.

David Hale said...

jferg... Renner was a senior. As to this year's Renner... umm... A.J.?

Anonymous said...

Of course, I hope that everyone here knows that Rogers Redding is a Gtu man. Do you think he is going to side with CMR on this thing?

Of course not.

They are still making CMR pay for the Cocktail Party in 2007, and I believe that they will punish him as long as a Gtu man is running the SEC officials.

What would an Alabama fan say if an Auburn grad were head of SEC refs? It simply would not be allowed, so we will never know.

Do you realize who the instant replay official was on Saturday?

AL FORD. Look him up if you need to.


About the wind. That, again, is a product of terrible coaching. Why were we going against the bridge in the 4th quarter? LSU won the toss, so we should have picked our side of the field.

It was obvious that the wind was howling from the bridge, as LSU's kicker, who did not have a touchback all season ripped it through the endzone on the opening kickoff.

CMR has obviously gone stupid. He is becoming an idiot. I do not know what else to think at this point. Why were we kicking into the wind in the 4th quarter? That is MARK RICHT'S FAULT.

Tron said...

Actually, Zach Renner is a redshirt sophomore and as best I can tell is still on the team, I saw him on the sidelines on Saturday. He wears number 80 now.

rbubp said...

Trey, Richt does admit the problems are there and he does make changes. Think about Tuberville's comments about sunning the ball in 2001, the bad start to 2006 and playing three QBs, the change in approach midway through 2007, the occasional deep kickoffs just this year.

The problem appears to be that he is let down by his assistants and he keeps giving them myriad chances. He understands how to delegate, clearly; but the fact that the same mistakes keep happening over and over suggest that there is not enough accountability somewhere.

Trey said...

rbubp -

I agree. I think the problem lies in Coach Richt's problem with making the coaches step up and answer when they screw up. He doesn't have to feed them to the media lions, but at this point, I almost think he doesn't want to make any changes because he would hate giving satisfaction to everyone who is saying "YOURE DOING IT WRONG!" I love him, and am so thankful he is our coach, but I fear he's too nice to really get in someone's face and make them step it up, or maybe to stubborn to understand some of the gameplan just isn't working. Am I wrong, or did we not try to kick it deep the whole LSU game? Yeah, that worked out well.

Anonymous said...

Wait... is someone calling for a walk-on to play special teams?

Also, I wouldn't put any stock in anything a coach says in print. Especially when a particular coach isn't prone to send messages to players or coaches through public media. I've basically quit listening to what MR says because frankly, I don't want the world to know the inside scoop. He's practicing (rightly) evasion - hence "the wind." The idea that he'd publicly call out a player or coach is... well, I'll put it this way: MR apologized to the ass of asses Jeff Schultz when he got a little testy with JS in a presser a few years back. Apologized. To Jeff Schultz. He's not going to tell Dave or fans anything important. That's my theory anyway and it makes me feel better.

It would be nice to see us at least TRY on punt returns. Is it simply impossible for us to show that we're ready to defend and we're ready to return? I watch a good bit of ball when I'm not at the games, and it seems to me no one else at our level is making this type of choice. What gives?

Still waiting for the Logan Gray package to surprise somebody... it must be that special thing we're keeping safe for the Gators. Or Tech.

Thank you Anon 1:05, although I think a more appropriate analogy would be a FSU grad as head of officials. How long do you think that would last? Can't we find someone with Pac10 roots to do this job?

The OL and ST are disappointing to say the least. I'm not sure what's going on with the OL coaching because based on his track record, SS can get it done.

We absolutely must win this game Saturday in Knoxville.