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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Athens held hostage: Day 3

OK, I wanted snow. I'll admit it. Even at the advanced age of 34, I still act like a kid when I hear the forecast, wondering what it'll take to have school canceled.

Well, school has been canceled all right. Classes at UGA are off again Wednesday, and who knows about the rest of the week: While it hasn't snowed since early Monday morning, the six inches of snow on the ground have pretty much remained there because the temperature hasn't gotten much above freezing, and the forecast for the next few days doesn't offer much hope either.

The weather has apparently put the football offseason in a bit of a holding pattern. We had the Marcus Dowtin news on Tuesday, but that had been in the works for awhile. A.J. Green smartly got his announcement out of the way Sunday, and is on his way to Arizona to train. (He's not taking classes in the spring. Green and UGA have said he's about two semesters away from getting his degree.)

I'm told that the other juniors contemplating the jump - Justin Houston, Brandon Boykin and Cordy Glenn - are all back in Athens and attended a team meeting on Sunday night. That doesn't mean they're coming back. They could have come back to gather their things and officially inform their coaches they were leaving, but even that process has been put off by the snow.

They have until Saturday to enter the draft. Maybe there will be news today, maybe there won't. No way of telling, although if I see Justin Houston on cross-country skies on his way to the airport, I'll let you know.

As for the coaches, spokesman Claude Felton estimated that about half of them got out of town to recruit on Sunday before the onset of the storm. The rest are trapped or either feeling very adventurous.

So, with nothing to do but count ice cycles or work on my novel, maybe we can do another mailbag, if there's anything left over from Monday. Feel free to post your question below.


DawgInVA25 said...

Coming off of the big win over Kentucky, what in your mind, are the Dawgs chances of competing for an SEC title this year? Also, do you think the Dawgs deserve to be ranked any higher or lower than they are? In other words, do you believe we can be as good as we were Saturday week in and week out?

Steve said...

Why haven't we seen more of an impact out of Marcus Thornton (aside from his 3-pointer in the Kentucky game)? I expected to see a lot more from him during the OOC schedule, but he really looks like a deer in the headlights when he's on the court. Is it simply a matter of him not picking up the offense? From a size/speed/skills perspective, he sure looks the part of potential SEC star...

Steve said...

Hey, two basketball questions right off the bat. The hoops fans are awakening...

Anonymous said...

1. How is Bean progressing?

2. How is Austin Long progressing?

3. How is the kid from Jacksonville, the OL with the devastating knee injury progressing?

4. When is Pro Day?

Here is a little something for a research project:

2010-John Stinchcomb
2009-hines Ward
2008-Danny Ware
2007-Tim Jennings
2006-Hines Ward (Arnold Harrison and Verron Haynes, too, I think)
2005-Richard Seymour, Ben Watson, Patrick Pass
2004-same as 2005
2003-Jermaine Phillips and Tim Wansley
2002-Jermaine Wiggins and Richard Seymour

The 2001 Super Bowl is the last one without a UGA player as champ.

That is good news for the Falcons, I guess, since they don't have any Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the decision to allow Dowtin to transfer is a prudent one. Can you elaborate on what you know about his attitude and how it affected the team and do you sense from the players that they might be glad he's gone?

Anonymous said...

Did the B-ballets make it out of town and up to Nashville? I read coach Fox say their travel plans may be severly affected by the weather.