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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Over-rated ... Yeah, be quiet

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought the "overrated" chant was played out and stupid.

Georgia head coach Mark Fox does too, or at least he did on Saturday after his team knocked off No. 10 Kentucky. The crowd started the chant in the Wildcats' direction as the seconds wound down, leading Fox to tweet this after the game:

"But please do me 1 favor, next time please chant underrated not overrated. UK's a great team-not an overrated one. Today we were underrated."

I'm not sure Georgia will be underrated much longer. It may make it into the Top 25 when the polls are released Monday; If not, it will at least get plenty of votes. Beating Kentucky is an attention-getting win - unless you think Kentucky was overrated, and therefore it didn't mean much to beat them.

(Crickets ... I assume.)

Kentucky didn't look like the rock-star type team it was last year, when it had John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson. But it has some very good players in Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb and Brandon Knight. The Wildcats are just going to take a bit longer to jell, but are very capable of making a run deep into March.

Georgia, meanwhile, is the veteran team, and with two all-SEC players to boot. The reason it wasn't being talked about as a contender to win the East was because it didn't have the time of signature wins that vault a team into that conversation. Saturday's win changes that.

Here's my story about the game.


Anonymous said...

That underrated stuff is pure crap. I heard it at the Boise game in 05. Not only is it classless, it totally demeans your own team. Stupid and classless and embarrassing as a Georgia grad. Please THINK Dawg Fans.

Anonymous said...

Stupidist chant is sports history. Great win though. Something to get excited about in Athens which hasn't happened a whole lot lately.