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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morning notes: Searels, recruits, and combine news

Thursday is shaping up to be a rather important one in Georgia’s football offseason. Let’s get right to it:

SEARELS UPDATE: Several web sites are reporting that Stacy Searels has accepted the Texas offensive line coach. Searels, who is 45, just completed his fourth year as Georgia’s line coach.

I have no reason to doubt the web sites. But I think we’ve all been through this kind of thing enough to know that nothing is a done deal until a) there’s a press release, and even then b) a few days have gone by so we know a coach hasn’t changed his mind.

Searels is from Georgia and has family close to the area. But considering the potentially precarious job status Mark Richt may have after the 2011 season, it’s no surprise that Searels would be interested in a job at one of the most powerful programs in the country.

As for recruiting, five offensive line recruits were contacted by, which reports they’re all still committed. One of them, Watts Dantzler, tweeted last night that he was a Bulldog “no matter what.”

I’ve been asked for some potential candidates to replace Searels. Hugh Nall, who I spoke with briefly yesterday, didn’t sound crazy about returning to coaching, but I wouldn’t rule him out. Since we’re less than two weeks from signing day, my guess is that Richt will either quickly hire someone he knows who has been associated with the SEC or Georgia. Or he’ll wait until after signing day and conduct a more rigorous search.

All this is, again, assuming Searels does leave.

ROME AND MITCHELL: Two of the biggest remaining targets
Tight end Jay Rome, who is said to be leaning towards Georgia, will announce at 5:30 p.m. on ESPNU. Rome is the nation’s top-ranked tight end.

Malcolm Mitchell – a defensive back/receiver from Valdosta – is also set to announce tonight. But his exact time and manner of announcement isn’t set.

The Bulldogs did miss out early Thursday morning on Deion Barnes, a defensive end from Pennsylvania who announced for Penn State.

NFL COMBINE: Eight Georgia players have been invited to the NFL combine, the school announced on Thursday.

They include both juniors who left early, A.J. Green and Justin Houston. Six seniors also received invites: Clint Boling, Josh Davis, Demarcus Dobbs, Akeem Dent, Shaun Chapas and Vance Cuff.


Anonymous said...

"Since we’re less than two weeks from signing day, my guess is that Richt will either quickly hire someone he knows who has been associated with the SEC or Georgia."

This is how Willie Martinez was promoted and scares the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

Kris Durham didn't get an invite to the combine?

Anonymous said...

PLs, pls pls leave Searals!

And then i hope and pray, as anon suggested, that we don't rush to find a replacement. this is a perfect opportunity to upgrade a coach whose folks got dominated last year.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Matt Stinchcomb is interested in coaching.........

Anonymous said...

Seth this is the age where people are going to use abbreviations for everything...not journalists of course, but it's perfectly fine to shorten to CSS if everyone knows who's being discussed.

Seth Emerson said...

Not on my blog, dammit.

Keese said...

Shut down the commenting!!! Seth just cursed! Ruined this sqeaky clean blog!

Banished from Valdosta! lol

New name for Seth, MBM

Keese said...

Buck Belue is saying on his blog that his sources in Valdosta are telling him it will be a "clean sweep" with Mitchell and Rome committing to UGA.

Both Bama and UGA coaches down there today. If this is true, this is quite a statement for UGA. Go Dawgs