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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Searels to Texas?

So we learned earlier in the day that Georgia was losing an offensive lineman. But could the big news of the day involve the Bulldogs actually losing their offensive line coach?, the Rivals site that covers Texas, is reporting that Stacey Searels is "on his way to Austin." (It's a pay site, so I can't link the story.) But Orangebloods, you will recall, led the way with their Big 12 expansion stories last summer.

There's no word out of Georgia on the matter yet: A team spokesman couldn't be reached right away, and head coach Mark Richt and offensive coordinator were meeting with a recruit this afternoon.

Stay tuned.


I just spoke with former Auburn offensive line coach Hugh Nall, who now is out of the coaching business and living in Albany, Ga. Nall, who knows Searels, said he hasn't spoken to him, but wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

“I think anytime a coach anywhere leaves, it’s not a surprise anymore really. Especially with the money these days,” he said. “I coached at TCU for six years, and there’s a lot of lineman in the state, and Texas gets the pick of what they want.”

Nall was asked if he was interested in getting back into coaching at some point.

"Not unless my boss says I need to," he said.


Anonymous said...

Hugh NALL is what GEORGIA NEEDS -everybody who knows him knows this he is the original bad ass!!!

Anonymous said...

MIKE FOLEY UCONN lets get him>>
Zach Hurd, a senior guard on the UConn football team, has made up his mind about offensive line coach Mike Foley.

"He's the best O-line coach in the nation," Hurd said Tuesday. "If you ask all of our players that have been through here, they'll tell you he knows his stuff. I mean, think about it. [Senior guard] Matt [Olivier] and I weren't big recruits. None of the people he has are big recruits. But how do we still have a 2,000-yard rusher [Donald Brown in 2008], two 1,000-yard rushers [Jordan Todman and Andre Dixon in 2009]. That's not because he's a bad coach. That's because he's the best coach in the nation. He's taken players that these big schools didn't want ... we came here for a reason; we came here for him

TomReagan said...

Art Kehoe