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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed in ... so let's do a mailbag

ATHENS - Like most everyone in central and north Georgia, any big plans I had for a Monday are shot, thanks to the weather. (Above is the view from my front door, and one dog's take in it - not a white Bulldog, but a black lab.) Not that it's a bad thing: Snow is a wonderful thing, especially when you get it, at best, once a year.

At UGA, the first day of spring semester classes were canceled, and the athletics department is closed too. Some of the football coaches tried to get out of town to recruit on Sunday night and beat the weather, according to spokesman Claude Felton. The Bulldog men's basketball team, meanwhile, may have issues getting to Vanderbilt for its game on Wednesday; head coach Mark Fox said on the SEC teleconference that the team's travel plans may be "severely impacted."

I'm not sure what affect the weather will have on any news: Georgia still has three juniors who have until Friday to declare for the draft. If anything happens, obviously we'll have that to talk about. And we're also waiting too see if Georgia's men's basketball team gets ranked.

There's also the matter of the BCS championship game tonight, but ... Well don't get me started.

In the meantime, let's try to do a mailbag. Send me your questions, either below or via email ( and I'll post one as soon as there are enough to do so. Have at it.


Ryan said...

What, in no uncertain terms (arrests, coach speak, firings, hirings, recruits, and wins), gets Mark Richt another season in Athens and/or faith restored in his ability to lead the program effectively?

Anonymous said...

What's the status of the work being done at B-M? And does McGarity and the coaches feel that moving the weight room to the smaller "dungeon" had an effect?

TomReagan said...

What players made the biggest impact/most improvement during the bowl practices?