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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Searels to Texas nearly official, so what next?

Stacy Searels has been hired at Texas, that school's spokesman John Bianco just confirmed to me (and at least a few other outlets) in an e-mail.

"When you're in this profession, you want to coach at the highest level," Searels said in a statement released by Texas. "From afar, I had always been interested in The University of Texas because I thought it was one of the premier jobs in the country. You can win a championship, you have great leadership, great players, a great pool of talent to recruit from, and I think there's no reason you can't win and win big at Texas, and I want to be a part of that."

And so ends the Searels era at Georgia, which lasted four seasons.

Therefore, Georgia will be needing a new offensive line coach. I will now throw out a bunch of names, so that when one of them gets the job I will be able to say I had it first:

Hugh Nall, Sylvester Croom, Robbie Caldwell, Matt Luke, Brent Key, Greg Atkins, every offensive line coach in the Big East, Jimmy Williamson, Joe Schad, former Tunisian president Ben Ali, James Bond, Ricky Gervais, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Stinchcomb, Matt Stinchcomb, anybody else named Stinchcomb, Natalie Portman, D.B. Cooper, Wayne Knight, every offensive line coach in the Sun Belt, Michelle Obama.

OK seriously, the first few names there are the ones that make some sense. (And I should caution that this is not coming from anyone at Georgia.)

Nall, Croom and Caldwell probably need no introduction.

Luke is the offensive line coach/running game coordinator at Duke, and a former Mississippi player.

Key is the OL coach at Central Florida, and a former Georgia Tech player.

Adkins, now at Syracuse, is the former OL coach at Tennessee, and was an assistant coach at Georgia in the late 1990s.


PatinDC said...

Michelle should have been the S&C coach. She has fantastic upper arm build. As a female, I know how hard it is not to have granny arms. YOu go girl!

Pat said...

Hire Ken Cooper!

BCSAV said...

I second the Ken Cooper hire.