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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Links (3/27)

Happy Friday, folks. I just wrapped up a segment on 960 the Ref with Dave Johnston and Dave McMahon, which I believe exceeded the FCC's maximum Dave occupancy for a radio show by at least one. It's a pretty nasty day outside, but there is something to look forward to... Georgia will hold its first scrimmage today at Sanford Stadium, starting around 4:15. Both Mark Richt and Joe Cox discussed the significance of the scrimmage yesterday, saying it is really a crucial day in solidifying playing time down the road. I'll have a post-scrimmage update on the blog as soon as it's over -- probably around 8:30 p.m. -- but in the meantime, let's get to some links...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph looking at how the large contingent of injured players are holding up through spring practice.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker touches on a number of topics, including Georgia's penalty problems last season, in his latest blog.

-- Since I'm sure everyone is curious, here's some video of Georgia's new kicker in action.

-- has a good look at the long road new defensive end recruit Montez Robinson has taken to Athens.

-- First there was just regular Mark Richt. Then came Evil Richt (which unfortunately didn't involve a goatee). And now, T. Kyle King gives us the latest incarnation... Hip Richt. You cats are aaaall right.

-- Jeff Owens has a Q&A with Brandon Wood on his blog.

-- The Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer writes that tight end Bryce Ros is hoping to make the most of this spring in order to follow in his father's footsteps.

-- The Hobnail Boot takes a deeper look at the supposed rift between Matthew Stafford and the San Francisco 49ers.

-- Bubba 'n Earl want to see a return of the Georgia-Clemson rivalry. Perhaps now that there are no Bowdens or Richts in Tigerland, that might actually happen.

-- Suzanne Yoculan isn't happy about her portrayal in the new book detailing the behind-the-scenes power struggle between Michael Adams and Vince Dooley.

-- Georgia Sports Blog thinks Mike Anderson could be attainable for Georgia. I'll note, however, that this post was written before Anderson's Missouri team smoked Memphis to advance to the Elite 8 and ruin any lingering hope I had of winning my pool.

-- Gordon Beckham will begin the season in Double A, but something tells me he won't be there for too long.

-- Remember a couple weeks ago when Senator Blutarski was astonished to find a strange and disturbing set of search terms that led to his site? Well, yesterday my keyword statistics included two searches for "Brannan Southerland shirtless." That's particularly upsetting since I took those pictures down months ago.

-- Deadspin gets the award for blog that made me laugh the hardest this morning.

-- On the flipside, Deadspin also has some really disturbing video of the traffic stop involving Ryan Moats outside a hospital in Dallas last week. I don't even know what to say about this, but I'm 100 percent certain I wouldn't have handled it as well as Moats did.

-- There are tons of spoilers for a bunch of shows in this post, but there's also some bittersweet news on "Friday Night Lights." The show expects to be picked up for two more seasons any day now, but it looks like the actresses who play Tyra and Lila will both be leaving the show.

-- And finally, I found this blog post about the 10 best TV series finales interesting, as I was just discussing that very topic with someone the other day. I can't say I'm particularly in agreement with the writer of this one though. I'm sorta partial to "Cheers" for having more emotional resonance than any comedy finale, and while a lot of people hated it, I'd actually rank "The Sopranos" near the top. But the best ending of all time? That belongs to "Newhart." That one won't ever be topped (although I'm holding my breath that "Lost" doesn't screw me over).


Anonymous said...

Several years ago a minor league baseball team owner made the case to me that AA is where you watch the next superstars. AAA is for guys who are almost good enough but can't quite bust into the bigs. They are waiting for someone to get hurt to get their cup of coffee.

Do you buy this argument?

This same team owner game me an autographed Kerry Woods baseball from when Kerry was on his AA team.

David Hale said...

I think that's generally the thought process among most baseball folks, too. Gordon's time in AA won't last long, and I'd be surprised if he gets anything more than a cup of coffee in AAA.

And I'm jealous about the Kerry Wood autographs. I still plan to wear my Wood jersey with pride, even if he's in Cleveland now.