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Friday, March 27, 2009

Now It Gets Interesting

UPDATE: FOX Sports reports that Anthony Grant has accepted the job at Alabama. Does that mean Donovan isn't planning to go anywhere?


In the least surprising news of the day, Billy Clyde Gillespie is officially out at Kentucky.

The Billy Donovan rumors are already swirling , with the Gainesville Sun reporting that a private plane is already en route from Florida to Lexington, and says that UF athletics director Jeremy Foley is hot on the trail of Anthony Grant.

That would help explain the particularly slow pace at which the Alabama proceedings are moving with Grant.

How does all this affect Georgia? Maybe not at all, considering the tea leaves certainly looked like the Grant ship had already sailed in Athens. Does that mean all eyes are now on Jeff Capel and Mike Anderson? Georgia Sports Blog thinks the latter has a much better chance of happening.


rbubp said...

I would be very happy with Mike Anderson. He proved himself a worthy coach while at UAB, and after a slow start has really got it rolling at Mizzou. His players graduate, too.

I would say he's as close a combination of the good measures of Tubby Smith and Dennis Felton that we will find--a system coach who can win with lesser talent if necessary and with the integrity to work with the university's mission.

DawgCPA said...

Billy Clyde?!?!?!?! Can someone please explain to me
WHY Billy Clyde DOESN'T fit in, in Kentucky, for crying out loud?

Bernie said...

I would like to ditto everything rbubp said. When I first started following this search I knew his name, but found other names more appealing, namely Sean Miller's. By the time I got to filling out my bracket I had seen enough to put Mizzou in my Final Four. More importantly I've seen enough to think he's the best candidate out there for us. The win last night sealed the deal for me.

However, Evans doesn't return my calls. Probably cuz I could never move to my left with possession of the ball and never entered a game I didn't foul out in.

Smart man.

Mike In Valdosta said...

On a side note, DH, I was hoping Capel would enter the sweepstakes tonight.. looking increasingly like he still has some coaching to do this year

rbubp said...

I think Kentucky makes a run at Capel. Who else are they going to get? They probably realize, by now, that they are not going to lure the Izzos and Caliparis away from their current spots if they have been rebuffed by Donovan two searches running. Maybe they can go for Miller, Jamie Dixon, jay Wright, I don't know, but it seems Capel is a good fit for them. UVA might be a player in this mix, too.

I say this in part because I want Anderson, but truth be told either Capel or Anderson would make me very happy...any of the rest and I sense a drop-off.

Anonymous said...

Do you think UK will go for Travis Ford, so they could have a Kentucky Man run the program. That would be preferable since I doubt Ford would come here, and not take away one of our candidates. I do think that Alabama taking Grant is a good thing for us. One less SEC team flushed with TV contract money to try and compete against us for a top flight coach.

David Hale said...

I think Ford has to be a top contender for the UK job. The Gillespie hire was such a debacle for a lot of reasons, but the top of the list was how little he connected with fans. UK needs to bring in someone fans can embrace, and Ford is definitely that. Although, I wouldn't quite write off those Izzo or Dixon rumors just yet.