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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rock of Love with Shaun Chapas

Matthew Stafford may be headed to the NFL, but for now, he's still hanging out in his old college living room.

Until he has to report to minicamp for whichever team selects him in next month's NFL draft, he's planning to be in Athens and live in his old house with roommate Shaun Chapas, Fred Munzenmaier and Kris Durham.

"He'll be in and out of town now for a month doing promotional stuff and working out, so he's still living there now," Chapas said.

But the bigger question is: What happens after Stafford leaves?

There are obviously a few key things the guys are looking for, particularly someone who can keep the place clean. The obvious choice might be to stick with a quarterback and have freshman Aaron Murray -- a notorious neat freak -- move in. Sadly for Chapas and company, that wasn't an option.

"The (freshmen) still have to be on East campus for two years," he said.

Of course, the chance to room with three Georgia football players might seem like a dream-come-true for fans around Athens, and that got the players thinking.... what about a contest?

"Fred was saying we should take applications from only females and have interviews and pick somebody," Chapas joked.

The idea would be that candidates come in, they're interviewed by Chapas, Durham and Munzenmaier, and perhaps perform a few chores around the house to see who's best qualified to take over for Stafford.

Add a few cameras, and it might just be a ratings winner, Chapas laughed.

"That," he said, "would be much better than 'Rock of Love.'"


Anonymous said...

isn't that a bit sexist....exactly what people would expect of our players

Mike In Valdosta said...

lighten up, Francis