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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Muchas Gracias

Thanks to all of you who participated in today's chat. We had tons of great questions (and just enough ridiculous ones to keep it interesting). If you didn't get a chance to follow it live, you can catch up on all we talked about still by reading the recap HERE.

Thanks again folks for reading. We'll do it again soon.


Mike In Valdosta said...

"Unless of course Fabris asks him to directionally kick in the fight, in which case I would win that, too."


Ken Mitchell said...

David, as a longtime Macon/UGA fan it is quite refreshing to get first rate coverage of the DAWGS especially considering the history of UGA coverage since Harley Bowers left has been sketchy at best( we don't need constant insults and fight picking...just the facts and knowledgeable opinions). Keep up the good work and rest assured it is appreciated by the Bulldog Nation.

Mike In Valdosta said...

I mostly agree with Ken, DH, but if it smells expose it. The 4th branch must prevent the Ron Jirsa's, and Bobby Lowders, or Greg Robinsons (just for you, DH) off the world from metastasizing.

David Hale said...

Thanks guys, I definitely appreciate it!

And don't worry, Mike, I won't let Greg Robinson anywhere near your football program.