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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Links (3/18)

I'd like to open with some witty banter, but it's the day after St. Patty's Day, and I just don't have the energy. Straight to the links...

-- Joe Cox was a popular man yesterday. There were close to 40 media members covering practice, and they all wanted time with Joe... which is odd because they didn't really have a lot of questions once he finally sat down to answer them. Anyway, Tim Tucker does a great job of sizing up Cox's first real day as Georgia's starting quarterback.

-- The Banner-Herald writes that Caleb King has a sharper focus without Knowshon Moreno ahead of him on the depth chart.

-- Following the release of Dexter Moody from his scholarship, Mark Richt is staying mum on the issue. Funny note about this: Richt says he can no longer discuss Moody since he is again "a recruitable athlete." That would be true of Jon Richt, too, whom Mark discussed at length. Ah, technicalities.

-- Chip Towers blogs today that the details of Moody's recruitment and release remain a mystery.

-- In addition to all the other changes this spring, Chattanooga's David Paschall looks at the new jobs for assistant coaches Bryan McClendon and Tony Ball.

-- T Kyle King shares an opinion I heard a good bit yesterday: They just want the Bulldogs to start hitting people.

-- CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd tackles 25 interesting tidbits for this spring around the nation.

-- Good news for Macon sports fans, as Bill Shanks show will be back on the air beginning next week.

-- And finally, since it's Wednesday, I'll leave you with a handful of "Lost" links: Here's an interview with the actor who plays the young Ben Linus... the show's season finale for this year is set for May 13... "Lost's" producers want fans to come up with a nickname for the show's final scene... and apparently Hurley is digging his new hair on the show (but fails to mention his UGA hoodie).


dean said...

The video of AJ on Bernie's blog is from last year.

With the Jon Richt situation; has he been released from his scholarship yet? I know he intends to transfer but if's still enrolled and on scholarship at CU would he still be considered a recruitable athlete? Plus wouldn't there be some type of loophole with Jon being his son?

Mike In Valdosta said...

Who's rear is Dennis Dodd kissing today? Urban Meyer's or Jim Tressel's. He knows he will never get a taste of Pete Carroll's.

If a jeanie gave Dennis Dodd three wishes, he would wish for a dress, a three hour cruise with the 3 coaches mentioned above, and a shipwreck on a deserted island.

Jon Koncak's Thighs said...

I like your style Hale. Straight to it. You're probably wearing sunglasses indoors today, aren't you?