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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Quick Hits

A few quick bits of news and notes...

-- Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy will be in Athens today to help promote a fatherhood program with Mark Richt called All Pro Dad. I'll hopefully have some quotes and video from Dungy and Richt later this afternoon.

-- Don't forget Georgia's Pro Day is tomorrow. Most of Georgia's draft-eligible players -- Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Dannell Ellerbe, et al -- are back in town and will work out for scouts tomorrow. I talked with Kris Durham yesterday, and he said he had been working out with Stafford the past few days and that Stafford's throws have never looked sharper. I was also told Stafford has been studying the basic offensive schemes of every NFL team so that when he meets with scouts tomorrow, he'll be able to speak intelligently on their systems.

-- And finally, I know people are pretty excited about the start of spring practice, but don't expect too much big news yet. Richt said there isn't likely to be any changes on the depth chart for at least another week, and maybe longer.

"It's hard to gauge a lot of it right now with just one practice in shorts," Richt said. "It usually doesn't happen until at least your first day of pads which will be Saturday. But we won't even scrimmage that day – it won't be until the next week that we scrimmage. So I'm not going to say a coach won't move his depth chart a little bit, but it's usually not until after you scrimmage."


watcher16 said...

Will there be any more emphasis on special teams this year than in the past? I know we usually reserve that for our walkons and backups, while most other schools are putting their best guys out there. Think you can check into this for us? (not even gonna ask about the directional kickoffs b/c I'm sure we all know that won't change...)

David Hale said...

I was told that by Blair and Dewberry, but I'm not sure they are the best sources for that type of info. I won't be able to talk to Fabris until Saturday, and he's not always a fan of answering questions he doesn't like. But I'll talk to Richt about it today and see what he has to say.

watcher16 said...

U da man! I'd appreciate it