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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving Munzen-Higher

Fred Munzenmaier can't lose an argument with coaches when he tells them he should play more. He has a statistical anomaly on his side that acts as the ultimate trump card.
The sophomore fullback has carried the ball two times in his career, and each resulted in a touchdown for the Bulldogs.

"We joke around about it, and I'll give them a hard time when we're looking at film and stuff," Munzenmaier said. "I'll say, ‘You know coach, if you'd given it to me, I probably would have scored if you look at the statistics.' But it's nothing serious. I'll take anything they'll give me when I'm out there."

Munzenmaier hasn't been on the field often, but that could change in 2009. While Munzenmaier hasn't had a chance to prove his worth on the field yet, he has always been a key contributor in the weight room. His goal for this spring is to see that translate to on-field success.

"I do get excited about working the weight room, and that and outside running are probably the place where I've excelled the most since I've been here," Munzenmaier said. "I've been lucky enough to take a little bit of a leadership role in there, and hopefully this year I'll be able to take that onto the field."

When Georgia opens spring practice Tuesday, Munzenmaier and Shaun Chapas will be the only two fullbacks healthy enough to be full participants in workouts.

Last year, Chapas handled the majority of Georgia's fullback duties, starting all 13 games at the position. He split time with the departed senior Brannan Southerland, however, with both players on the field at the same time on numerous occasions.

While Chapas figures to handle the load again this year, Munzenmaier hopes a strong spring could vault him into the role Southerland manned last season – meaning more playing time and potentially more chances to find the end zone.

"Obviously Shaun has earned his spot and done a great job, so you can expect to see him in that No. 1 spot," Munzenmaier said. "In the past, we've played two fullbacks. I think the main thing is just proving to the coaches that you're dependable and you're ready and that you've shown enough accountability they can put you out there in any situation."


Anonymous said...

It's not Munzenmaier's performance on the field that worries me. It's his problems off the field that are troubling. There is never an excuse for a DUI. My wife and family travel the roads and a drunk driver is a lethal weapon for innocent individuals!

Carter said...

I wasn't aware that Munzy had a DUI. All I recall was the time he flagged down a cop car on Milledge under the mistaken and drunken assumption that it was a taxi. I think he got a little mouthy w/ the cop, too. I call that a youthful, dumbass indiscretion.

A DUI is a serious crime in my book, but to be sanctimonious about it would be hypocritical for a large percentage of the population. A lot of folks get DUIs in college, and how many of us could have been charged w/ DUIs but were lucky enough to have never been pulled over?

Anonymous said...

I have never driven drunk. Is that too sanctimonious for you? However, I have been hit by a drunk teen driver and lost a family member. Too sanctimonious still?

Carter said...

Munzenmaier was charged with underage possession of alcohol and being a pedestrian in a roadway.

So I guess that constitutes "problems" (note your use of plural) in your book.

You should apologize for saying the young man had a DUI.

You may indeed not be sanctimonious.

But you do spread libel that would be criminal in nature if attributed in a public forum.

You also lack reading comprehension skills.

I said " be sanctimonious about it would be hypocritical for a large percentage of the population."

It was a general statement, and I didn't state that you personally were amongst the hypocrites. I can't and didn't make assumptions about your personal history because I don't know you.

My condolences for the impact DUIs have had on you and yours.