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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Links (3/26)

Busy Thursday, so a quick batch of links...

-- Is a coach stale at a school within seven or eight years? Bruce Feldman thinks that might be the case, and Senator Blutarski offers some more insight. I think there are plenty of flaws in Feldman's argument, but all of it does seem to show that Mark Richt's return-to-the-past attitude might be just what the Bulldogs need.

-- Matthew Stafford didn't exactly come off looking good during a meeting with the San Francisco 49ers. I'm assuming he threw the interview like Ben Affleck in "Good Will Hunting" because he didn't want the job anyway.

-- Mark Bradley's still talking about moving the Georgia-Florida game to the Dome. That's so last week.

-- An Alabama recruit says he was snubbed by Mark Richt during his Georgia visit.

-- A new book paints a not-so-pretty picture of Georgia president Michael Adams in detailing the power struggle that forced Vince Dooley out of the athletics director's office.

-- Georgia Sports Blog gives us some background on Georgia's next potential coach, Missouri's Mike Anderson.

-- Georgia's men's swimming & diving readies for the NCAAs.

-- A classmate of my brother's in Wilmington, De., is prepping for the 2012 Olympics and heading to Georgia on a swimming scholarship.

-- Former Georgia coach Ron Polk is being inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

-- And finally, I know it's not funny when someone gets stabbed, but when you put together WHY he got stabbed (which is funny on its own) with WHERE he got stabbed, well it's hard not to giggle a little.


Will Q said...

Or maybe Stafford just didn't think it was anybody else's business regardless of how much money you're going to pay him.


gene said...

I guess the alabama recruit didn't need to meet with Coach Richt if he really wanted to go to ua all along, huh? got to run that mouth though i see.