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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Links (3/31)

Well, it looks like fans aren't going to be too disappointed -- assuming that a.) ESPN's report is correct, and b.) Mike Anderson decides $2 million is enough of an offer to lure him from Missouri.

ESPN has the story posted HERE for those of you who haven't read it yet.

And if you (like me) are burned out on hoops stuff, here's a basketball-free batch of links...

-- The Red & Black has the latest on the disastrous situation at defensive end for the Bulldogs.

-- says Paul Johnson's momentum at Georgia Tech should have the Bulldogs worried.

-- This one comes from Senator Blutarski over at Get the Picture, and if you hate Tim Tebow, you'll want to read it.

-- Diamond Dogs coach Dave Perno talks with the guys at 960 the Ref.

-- Perno's boys are ready to begin a big series against Clemson that will really kick off the meat of the schedule over the next few weeks.

-- Georgia's Christie Hamilton earned SEC pitcher of the week honors.

-- Now that the hoops search appears to be winding down, Michael Adams has something new not to talk about.

-- A couple of links I found at Rob Neyer's blog at I genuinely think Bill James is one of the most important sports writers in history, but I just can't share his enthusiasm about the death of newspapers; What I can be enthusiastic about is a list of the ugliest baseball uniforms of the 1970s.

-- It's official! "Friday Night Lights" will be back for two more seasons.

-- I took some time last week to watch all six episodes of "Eastbound and Down" on HBO On Demand. As long as you aren't easily offended, that's gotta be one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while. Bulletproof tiger, man. Anyway, it will be available on DVD in June.

OK, well back to the hoops beat. More to come as the day drags along...


Anonymous said...

Wow that cpj about article is one of the most solid pieces of dumb I've ever read. Some ppl are on the recruiting bandwagon and some aren't. It seems he's half on the bandwagon by pointing out CPJ's building dominance with recruits but fails to mention that these ppl are nobodys, uga's scraps. How ofter do uga and ga tech fight for recruits? Stephen Hill, who cares we got Marlon Brown. Calvin Johnson would've been nice but hey, can't win them all. Yeah watch out UGA, that two star potential walk on is now going to be suiting up agains you.

Fred said...

FNL - Great to hear FNL has been re-upped. I love the show, but perhaps they will finally let old Riggins graduate from HS. This is his (and Leila's) 3d year as seniors. Smash caught and passed him and now the QB has as well. If this goes on 2 more years, he'll be porking JD's freshman girlfriend and riding on one of those old folks scooters (Like they have for the fat people at WalMart.

Mike In Valdosta said...

From Mr. SEC
"The folks with the site covering Missouri believe that Mike Anderson will be staying in Columbia.

"Just got more information that Missouri feels very, very comfortable that this is going to get done and get done relatively quickly. Frankly, what it looks like to me is that everyone at Missouri is far less panicked about this than fans or anyone outside the program. Missouri has no doubt they'll get it done, they just need to wrap up particulars. Again, that is my opinion, but it's an opinion based on information from multiple places."

That from the lead writer of It's a paysite, so we'll not bother with a link.

If this is true, then Memphis and Georgia had better have some options ready."