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Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Quick Links (7/3)

About to head off to the airport, but I'm leaving you with a handful of non-UGA links for those poor saps still stuck in an office today...

-- Remember Allen Iverson's rap album? If it had been this good, I might have purchased it.

-- Remember when I got in a tiff with the Rivals guy a few weeks back because I didn't appreciate online media enough? Well allow me to state plainly that this is some ridiculously stupid stuff the Kansas City Royals are doing is absurd and underscores the need for the old guard to take a new look at how business is done these days.

-- Lost's Michael Emerson predicts the show is going to end on a sad note.

-- "The Simpsons" will rerun a classic episode this Sunday.

-- In honor of the Fourth of July, Rotten Tomatoes has a list of 50 movies for 50 states. I'm pleased with the Delaware selection, but then again, it's not like there was a lot to choose from. Also, I just watched the Washington state selection last night.

OK, folks, have a happy Fourth, and remember, if you're going to blow up fireworks in your hand, make sure you wear gloves.

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