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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Media Days '09: Back in Black?

Mark Richt addresses the potential of the team wearing the black jerseys again this year despite the debacle against Alabama last year.


JJH4 said...

I hope we don't see the black jerseys for a while. Georgia wants to be and I think is on the level of the USC's, Oklahoma's, and Alabama's of the world. Georgia does not need to get all gimmicky every big home game. National Championship game would not be a bad time for them but outside of that I don't want to be the Clemson of the SEC.

Ally said...

I LOVED the Blackout w/ Auburn and LOVED seeing fans get into it & support the team, but after last year's debacle i truly hope the black jerseys are retired for a while. The Bama humiliation still stings.