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Friday, July 3, 2009

Putting it All Together

Darryl Gamble isn't even sure he'll have a starting job yet, but he knows he wants to have his fingerprints on the outcomes of all 12 of Georgia's games this season.

After a freshman season that boiled down to one forced fumble against Vanderbilt and a sophomore year highlighted by a two-touchdown performance at LSU, Gamble's ready to make fans appreciate his entire game, not just a few highlights.

"My freshman year, it was one play. Then last year, it was one game. So hopefully this year it will be one season and gets better," Gamble said. "I'm trying to be the complete guy and not just be known for one specific thing. It would be good if people say, ‘Darryl Gamble, he was a real good linebacker for Georgia,' and go down in history."

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