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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get to Know: Orson Charles

It's been a few weeks since we've caught up with any of Georgia's new recruits, but after my extended vacation, I figured that'd be a good way to start back. We caught up with Arthur Lynch a couple months ago, so I figured we should track down Georgia's other new tight end, Orson Charles.

David Hale: Who is your favorite NFL player?

Orson Charles: I've been trying to change this, but my most favorite NFL player is actually Terrell Owens. But also Antonio Gates and Anquan Boldin. I like what they bring to the table playing-wise, and they just can't be stopped.

DH: Well, which player would you say you model yourself after the most?

OC: Most likely Terrell Owens because I've talked to a lot of people who have said his work ethic is just unbelievable, like he practices 100 percent every play. He's got some off-the-field issues, but I don't really look toward that. I try to look toward what he brings on it.

DH: So you won't be holding press conferences while doing push-ups in your driveway?

OC: Oh, no, not at all.

DH: Speaking of the NFL, you played with Tony Dungy's son and got to know Tony pretty well. What was that like?

OC: It was a great opportunity. When you get to talk to him, you kind of forget about all the stuff that he's done. But you pick up his book and read about it, and it's just an honor to talk to him and have actually sat in his house and talked to him. It was an honor to talk to him and play with his son and get to know his family better.

DH: You waited a while before decided to go to Georgia. What was it that drew you to Athens?

OC: A lot of people think I went to Georgia because of Aaron Murray, but that wasn't my deciding factor. That was a positive, but that wasn't my deciding factor. I sat with my family and did pros and cons as far as my top five schools and we picked from there. Everybody in my family said they felt comfortable with Georgia, and if I'm going to go away to school, I'd like to feel like I'm at home.

DH: What were your best and worst class in high school?

OC: My best class is math. I had an A in that. My worst is Spanish. I got a B.

DH: A B was your worst grade? That's not too shabby. So have you decided what you want to major in at Georgia?

OC: The big picture is civil engineering, but the small branch of it is building construction.

DH: That's an impressive selection. What got you interested in that?

OC: When I was growing up my uncle owned his own business and I used to go in and help him out, and I fell in love with it.

DH: So aside from football, what do you like to do with your free time?

OC: Probably play NCAA or just chill at the house.

DH: Since you signed with Georgia, what has been the best advice you've gotten from one of the current players?

OC: A lot of people have told me that your freshman year is going to be hard, but don't quit. It gets easier as you go. I've had a bunch of people say that and say you've really got to organize yourself and put forth the effort. They say it's not really hard, but you've got to put in the effort your freshman year. You have help, you have tutors and what not. That's what I'm hearing a lot, and a lot of people on our football team at Plant have asked me, too, and I've told them the same thing.


jferg said...

good to have you back DH. do you have an over/under for us on whether Orson Charles will play this year? Is he fast enough to split he strong enough to stay in tight?

the anonymous suckup said...

Welcome back, David. You've been missed.

David Hale said...

Thanks guys... glad to be back... and jferg, I've got a post on that very subject coming a little later this week.

The Cuatro said...

Orson will be a beast this year. I cannot wait to see him in action. He may end up making the biggest impact in this class.