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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My All-SEC Ballot

ESPN's Chris Low was kind enough to post his ballot for preseason All-SEC, and since I don't want to be accused of potentially providing extra motivation for Tim Tebow, I figured I should post mine as well. The results will be announced Friday morning.


QB -- Tim Tebow (Fla)
TE -- DJ Williams (Ark)
OL -- Cyron Black (LSU)
OL -- John Jerry (Miss)
OL -- Mike Johnson (Ala)
OL -- Clint Boling (UGA)
C -- Josh McNeil (Tenn)
WR -- AJ Green (UGA)
WR -- Julio Jones (Ala)
RB -- Charles Scott (LSU)
RB -- Michael Smith (Ark)


DL -- Geno Atkins (UGA)
DL -- Greg Hardy (Miss)
DL -- Carlos Dunlap (Fla)
DL -- Terrence Cody (Ala)
LB -- Rennie Curran (UGA)
LB -- Eric Norwood (SC)
LB -- Brandon Spikes (Fla)
DB -- Eric Berry (Tenn)
DB -- Trevard Lindley (UK)
DB -- Joe Haden (Fla)
DB -- Myron Lewis (Vandy)


K -- Leigh Tiffin (Ala)
P -- Chas Henry (Fla)
Ret -- Brandon James (Fla)


1.) Florida
2.) Georgia
3.) Kentucky
4.) Vanderbilt
5.) South Carolina
6.) Tennessee


1.) LSU
2.) Alabama
3.) Ole Miss
4.) Arkansas
5.) Auburn
6.) Mississippi State


Hey, I like to be original, but I'm not stupid. Florida deserves to be the preseason pick. I'm far from convinced they'll be the last team standing at year's end, but preseason polls are all about what's on paper, and the Gators are awfully good on paper.

Beyond that, I picked Tennessee last for two reasons: They have no clue about the quarterback position, and their coach has put a target on their backs. That's a bad combination, and I think the Vols will not only be overmatched on paper, but they're also going to get every team's best shot.

I think the SEC West could realistically go to any of the top four teams, but I think if each plays to their potential, LSU has the best team. I'd be surprised if any of them finished with fewer than two SEC losses, but I think there's a good chance that the winner is every bit as good as Florida.

Among the individual players, I doubt I created much controversy with my picks. I'm perhaps being a bit locally bias with my selection of Clint Boling on the offensive line, but given all he did last year, I think it's a spot well earned. And if he can settle into one position this season and be flanked by a healthy group around him, I have no doubt he'll make my pick look like a smart one.

So, what about you guys? Think I'm an idiot? Have other ideas? Let's hear 'em.


Ally said...
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Ally said...

That looks fair. I wish Jeff Owens had made the first team, but given his injury i completely understand that.

Thanks for the awesome & hilarious tweets during Media Days. Really appreciate everything you do for the Dawgs David!

MikeInValdosta said...

Given you comment about Boling, is this where you predict they will finish after the season (All-SEC) or just where they stack up based upon their careers to date? If the latter, do you predict many changes after the games have been played?

My example would be Trinton. If he is able to pick up where he left off in '07, I certainly see him making post season honors. DL is stacked in this league, really tough to have two from one team, but Owens could have a shot, especially if something develops for us on the edge.

The Watch Dawg said...

I think you should have let the other writers crown the Gators. Lord knows they've got enough of them to do it without you joining in.

I don't like the LSU pick, they've continually gotten weaker on the LOS and they lost 3 starters on the D-line, not to mention their secondary couldn't stop anything in 2008, and none of their defensive woes were due to injury. They went 3-5 in conference. I don't see them bouncing back after 1 offseason and winning the West. I'd give the nod to either Ole Miss or Alabama.

Also don't like the Myron Lewis pick at DB for all-SEC, I think there are other guys who were more deserving.

Bernie said...

Speaking of hilarious tweets...I thought you promised us you were leaving the profession? There are inmates and babies in great need of a steady hand and a prophetic word.

Your votes, yeh they seem fair. But like any Dawg homer worth his weight in concealable flasks, I suspect a greater red and black representation at season's end.

My dark horse for post-season accolades: Mike Moore. I heard two radio shows with our captains today and liked what I heard Cox say about this 5th year senior. Plus, he ended '08 on a high note. Not to mention helped that kid from Dallas land the gig in Detroit after a MISERABLE Cap One 1st half.

Anonymous said...

David, your all conference team picks are right on. Rolando McClain is the only omission, but how do you take out Curran, Spikes or Norwood? You can't.

I think Bama wins the west. They'll run the ball, play defense, and generally make less mistakes than LSU or Ole Miss.

the anonymous suckup said...


There are apparently only 64 voters among the "nearly 1000" credentialed media reps there. How are the 64 voters chosen from among that mob?

David Hale said...

Suckup -- Two things... 1.) A majority of the media don't fill out their ballots, so that cuts out a bunch. 2.) A lot of those credentials go to folks that aren't voters... they're sponsors, school reps, SEC reps or TV reporters who never learned to write. (Kidding on the last one... sort of.)

I would think it should be more than 64, too, but I've covered four of these and I think the most I've seen is 80, so it's not a out of the ordinary this year.