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Friday, July 24, 2009

Media Days '09: Day 2 Highlights

Some video of the non-UGA moments of Media Days Day 2...

Florida coach Urban Meyer talks about defending himself against rumors of his eventual departure for Notre Dame.

Florida QB Tim Tebow discusses his thoughts about the media hype surrounding the lone missing vote from his first-team All-SEC selection.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt talks about how his team plans to handle lofty preseason expectations.

Alabama coach Nick Saban discusses the benefit to playing big-time opponents in Atlanta to kick off the 2008 and '09 seasons.


Anonymous said...

arkansas coach Houston Nutt? please tell me that someone did this for you Dave

Anonymous said...

wait....did Arkansas hire Houston back?....maybe this was not as big a news item as who didnt vote Tebow #1 or if he is a virgin or if Urban is going to ND.

David Hale said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry... my feeble mind can only process so much info and all the Tebow talk had me confused.