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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Links (7/28)

I'll be spending my day today in the car, driving from Delaware to Athens with my dog in tow. Wish me luck.

Before I hit the road, however, here's some reading material to keep you entertained today...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on the lessons Mark Richt learned from Georgia's lackluster practices last year.

-- You'll need a Scout membership to read this one, but I have a story up over at Dawg Post on the relationship between Georgia freshmen quarterbacks Zach Mettenberger and Aaron Murray.

-- Mark Richt did his part to get fans excited for the upcoming season at the Bulldog Club event in Atlanta on Monday.

Some interesting thoughts from Tim Tucker's coverage: 1.) Richt really doesn't plan on redshirting any linebackers? So what, he'll play nearly a dozen linebackers this year? I find that hard to believe. 2.) The Tim Tebow stuff is still being discussed? Ugh. 3.) That Mark Fox knows how to rally a crowd. If nothing else, he's a huge upgrade from Dennis Felton in that respect.

-- Mark Bradley has more coverage of the event in his blog.

-- Neland Ball's sales pitch to his brother must not have been too good. Chip Towers reports Neiron Ball is headed to Florida.

-- My hope is that you found a lot of good SEC Media Days coverage here and at But if you still need some more, T Kyle King has his usual excellent synopsis.

-- And if you still haven't gotten enough, ESPN's Chris Low has a 20-point inspection from the event.

-- Battle Hymn Notes wonders how the new deal between the SEC and ESPN might affect future scheduling around the league. By the way, check back a little later today for some more notes on ESPN's SEC coverage.

-- Rex Robinson takes a look at the players in the mix for running back duties this year and decides that Carlton Thomas oozes potential and Richard Samuel might not be the man for the job.

-- The Asbury Park Press looks at what life is like for Knowshon Moreno now that he's a pro.

-- The Denver Post reports that Moreno isn't very close to a deal with the Broncos just yet.

-- Moreno's new teammate and fellow former Bulldog, Champ Bailey, is starting to get antsy to win a Super Bowl.

-- Moreno may take a while to sign, but Asher Allen got a deal done with the Minnesota Vikings.

-- And so did Corvey Irvin, who reached a contract agreement with the Carolina Panthers.

-- Friend of the blog and Oklahoma State beat writer Scott Wright predicts the outcomes of the Cowboys season and he doesn't foresee Georgia putting up much of a fight. (h/t Michael F.)

-- Eye on Sports Media has an early review of the Larry Munson autobiography due out next month.

-- For reasons I cannot possibly guess, Every Day Should Be Saturday takes a moment out to joke about the size of Matthew Stafford's head (literally, not figuratively).

-- The Red and Black's Tyer Estep makes some interesting comparisons between Lane Kiffin and Suzanne Yoculan.

-- Tyler and Fletcher Page are also going player-by-player with some preseason analysis, starting at the end and working back.

-- Looks like LSU and North Carolina will be kicking off the 2010 season in Atlanta.

-- I didn't get a chance to post links earlier this week, but a big congrats to the Senator on marking a milestone . I'm sure I represented a fair number of clicks along the way.

-- Former Georgia pitcher Dean Weaver agreed to a deal with the Washington Nationals.

-- I got an email from the performer of this song, so I'll pass it on to you: Martha Ann Brooks is a singer from Georgia and UGA alum. She is offering a free download of a song about the Bulldogs on her Web site. (scroll to the bottom)

-- Georgia moved up the list of party schools, but is still being beaten out by those Gators.

-- If you're a fan of old baseball cards and exceptional narrative writing, you'll love the Cardboard Gods blog. The proprietor was on hiatus while writing a book, but returned with a great post last week.

-- I'm not sure if this should come with a spoiler alert or not, but here's some info on some familiar faces you might see on "Lost" this season.

-- Wait, wait, there will be even more characters coming back... these ones not so old.

-- Some more "Lost" after Comic Con: Here's an interview with the actor who plays Richard. Apparently the producers spent some serious cash and time on their Comic Con presentation. And from it, they got this piece where Michael Emerson "auditions" for the role of Hurley.

-- And finally, if you've grown tired of trying to sync up Dark Side of the Moon with "The Wizard of Oz," here's a new Pink Floyd-related coincidence you can try.


Castleberry said...

Mr. Hale - Didn't realize you were into Pink Floyd synchronicity. If you haven't already - check 2001 and Echoces (from the Meddle album) and follow that up with The Shining and Meddle. Meddle completes three precise loops within the film. There are a few good how-to's online for these.

Enjoy some Wawa chocolate milk today. I was always a fan of the egg salad with some bacon and cheddar.

NCT said...

Hm. Am I the only one for whom the phrase "in tow" uncomfortably brought to mind National Lampoon's Vacation?

Anonymous said...

My deceased uncle would be a huge upgrade from Dennis Felton.