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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Media Days '09: Richt on Tebow

The hot question of Media Days has been, "Who didn't vote for Tim Tebow?" The Florida quarterback was one vote short of a unanimous selection to the All-SEC team, and Georgia coach Mark Richt says he wasn't the culprit.


Anonymous said...


Welllll, Richt didn't quite say it wasn't him. He said, "It would be very difficult not to vote Tim . . ." and trailed off. He may have meant that as a denial, but wasn't actually a denial. Maybe at some other point in the Q & A he offered a more categorical statement about it.

That said, I think the whole "Who didn't vote for Tebow" thing is silly and a sign of just how over the top the Tebow worship is by some members of the media (not you).

Anonymous said...

To further this line of thinking/conspiracy thinking from my post above, here is a transcript of what Richt said just before the video starts:

Q: Can you tell us who you voted for as All-SEC quarterback?”

Richt: “I can. (Smile, pause) It was Tim Tebow. I think that’s what everybody else said so far.” Another smile from Richt.

So he responds to the question, "Can you tell us who you voted for?" with "I can." Which answers the immediate question without actually saying who he voted for.

Then he pauses and says, "It was Tim Tebow. THATS WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAID SO FOR" (emphasis obviously added).

So arguably he answer could mean, "Everyone else has been saying they voted for Tebow"-again sounding like he is answering the question without actually answering it.

Also during his response (as contained in the video) he mentions that he once voted for Cutler when there were other, more high profile QBs getting more votes. A hint?

So, is all this a) Richt trying to actually answer the question, or b) Richt trying to carefully avoid the question, or c) Evil Richt just having a little fun with the whole thing given that he knew the question was going to come up?

David Hale said...

I like the conspiracy theory, but this might put it to rest... from Richt: “If I had a vote on a national level, I’d have voted for him, too. I think that guy might be the greatest player/leader, maybe the greatest one ever in college football. When you take his ability, his productivity, his leadership, his ability to get everybody to rally around him, I don’t know if there’s been many like that.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. I agree, the quote you provide seems to put it to rest.