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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Links (7/16)

Only a handful of links today between player interviews...

-- I'm back to writing stories for the actual paper on a regular basis now, and we start with an update on the progress wide receiver Tavarres King has made this offseason.

-- Georgia Sports Blog reviews the new deal between Fox Sports Net and ESPN and says there figures to be a lot more night games this season in the SEC. GSB reviews the potential problems that may cause the Athens law enforcement community, but I'll point out another issue: Don't expect to read too much game coverage in your local newspaper this year. Smaller staff sizes and earlier deadlines pretty much mean that a night game will get you a column written before the game even ended and a brief game story with perhaps one or two generic quotes.

(*NOTE: My editor in Columbus has asked that I make clear that the deadline at that particular paper has not changed, and therefore their coverage of game day will not change. Sorry if this was unclear in my original post, which was meant as a general discussion of overall trends in the newspaper industry.)

-- Macon Dawg looks at all the defensive ends Georgia has landed in its 2010 class so far and says "more, please."

-- I spoke with Rex Robinson yesterday for a "Catching Up With" post that will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, however, Rex has a fun post up on his blog about running backs by committee, which was one of the issues we talked about.

-- Marc Weiszer blogs about the often difficult transition from high school star to SEC stalwart.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker writes that Georgia's season ticket renewal rate is at 97 percent.

-- Tip o' the hat to ESPN's Chris Low, who linked to this site that combines the preseason magazine predictions to try to come up with a consensus opinion.

-- Dr. Saturday points out another, um, less entertaining Web site -- a blog by Dan Shanoff dedicated to Tim Tebow.

-- This is a really interesting piece on ESPN (I know, I'm surprised, too) on the impact of the big-money sports and Title IX on the smaller sports that are far too often disappearing from campuses around the country.

-- And finally, I was sort of excited about the G.I. Joe movie but after reading this post about how completely dreadful it is expected to be (note: the review referenced "Showgirls," which is always a good sign), I absolutely can't wait. The only thing better than a great movie is a truly awful one.


jferg said...

I would much rather hear Cox saying "TK is really standing out as a go-to" or "TK has gotten stronger and that is allowing him to be a consistent playmaker" rather than "TK COULD be good for us" and "TK knows he has an opportunity".
I've got to say, that doesn't instill a lot of confidence that TK "IS" ready and that TK "IS" going to be productive.

Is this wording by Cox possibly because they haven't practiced against DBs yet so everything is still "theoritecal" versus "actual"?

David Hale said...

I'd call the comments cautiously optimistic.

I think the thing with TK right now is simply consistency. Everyone has seen him put it all together and knows what he can do... it's just a matter of doing that more routinely. There's a good chance that comes with more practice this fall.

RedCrake said...

The thing about the GI Joe movie, is that I've known its going to be terrible since I saw the trailer (or since I found out that Stephen "Van Helsing" Sommers was going to be directing). The dialogue will be atrocious, the acting wooden, and the what little plot there is will be completely ludicrous. The sound track will likely be filled with pop punk and faux 80's hair metal anthems.

And since I realized all of this, I have come to the conclusion that this may turn out to be my favorite movie of all time. Its going to be fantastically terrible.