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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wood, Vance Arrested

Two Georgia players -- offensive lineman Vince Vance and defensive tackle Brandon Wood -- were arrested in separate incidents over the weekend.

From Mark Richt:

"It's always disappointing to hear that kind of news. From what I understand, Vincent had an expired license, and he did not stop very well at a stop sign and was stopped. When they checked his license, he told me it expired on the 11th, which was his birthday, and didn't even know it was expired. But when they found that information, he was arrested for having an expired license. Brandon certainly made a bad error in judgment to have alcohol in his system. He is 21, he's of legal age, but he did have something to drink earlier in the evening and he drove his automobile."


Paige said...

The Vance arrest is ridiculous. They arrested him b/c of who he was. I was pulled over and had an expired license when I was in college and they gave me a warning.

Wood's arrest is more serious I admit. I haven't read anything else about it. Was he charged with DUI? What was his BAL?

David Hale said...

I'm reserving my opinion on Vance because all we know right now is his side of the story. It's possible there was more to it. I agree though - if all it was was an expired license, and it expired just a week ago, that is insanity.

Regarding Wood, he was charged with DUI. His bail was $1750. My full story on the arrests is now posted.

Anonymous said...

BAL=blood alcohol level, not bail