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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ray Drew announces for Georgia

Ray Drew finally made it official on Friday morning, committing publicly to Georgia.

The defensive end-linebacker from Thomas County Central High School is the nation's ninth overall prospect according to So he becomes the highest-rated commitment for Georgia, which now has four of the nation's top 60 prospects (as rated by Rivals) and No. 23 Isaiah Crowell and No. 42 Jeoffrey Pagan reportedly leaning the Bulldogs' way.

"SEC ... watch out. The Dawgs are back," another commitment, Hunter Long, tweeted shortly after Drew's announcement.

Drew's decision wasn't a surprise, or apparently a well-kept secret. Another commitment, Watts Dantzler, publicly welcomed Drew to the class before Drew made the announcement.

Drew can play DE or LB in Georgia's 3-4 system. He becomes the 23rd commitment to Georgia's 2011 class, with several more key players still on the board. That includes Crowell, a tailback, Pagan, a defensive lineman, and junior college standout John Jenkins, a nose tackle.


I'm posting this at - looking at non-existent watch - 9:07 a.m. Ray Drew, the Thomas County Central High School star, is scheduled to make his announcement at 10 a.m. I'll update the thread once Drew makes it official.

Most people will be shocked if the linebacker-defensive end doesn't pick Georgia. Auburn, LSU and Clemson were also under consideration.

Let me also use this opportunity address the Ralph Friedgen rumors. The former head coach at Maryland has been linked to Georgia's offensive line job based on the fact that a) he was spotted in Athens recently, b) he has a house about an hour away near Lake Oconee, and c) people need something to talk about.

I spoke to someone on Thursday who I'm pretty sure would know if something was up, and they didn't give it any credence. It would be quite a step down for someone to go from 10 years as a head coach in a BCS conference - even the ACC - to a position coach in college. And so he was in Athens: As pointed out he has a house about an hour away, and hey, we Maryland grads like Athens. The crabs aren't as good as back home - but there is the Terrapin beer. Just sayin'.


Glenn said...

Ok, I am does he pick "Drew"? Don't you mean "Georgia"?

Seth Emerson said...

Fixed it. Too early in the morning.

Glenn said...

I realize it is probably a pipe dream, but I think Friedgen would add a lot to our offense. Money talks, and it was just noted that UGA doesn't put nearly the percentage of revenue back into our football program that other powerhouse SEC schools do. This could be a start. And, like you say, he lives an hour away....

Ollllddude said...

Last time I was in the Chesapeake area they admitted they couldn't crab in most of the waters there and that they "imported" most of their blue crab from South Carolina and Georgia waters. Just saying.

Seth Emerson said...

Olldude, do you want to get banned? I'll stand a lot of ill stuff, but no one says anything about Maryland crabs on my blog!

No, seriously, last I checked the crabbing in the Chesapeake is quite fine. We did it at my grandma's last summer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love this quote from Ray Drew as he called out to all those other players to follow him to UGA...

“I just want to say to Jay at the end of his announcement, I heard your call,” Drew said. “And now I’ve given an answer. Isaiah Crowell, we’re waiting on you; Antonio Richardson, we’re waiting on you; John Jenkins, we’re waiting on you; and Jeoffrey Pagan, we’re waiting on you. Come join what we’re putting together, the Dream Team. But remember, a dream is only a dream until you make it reality. So I’m calling you out on this one. I hope you’re not afraid to be thrown into the fire. I hope you’re not afraid to be the ones to make the change.”

Anonymous said...

Kennesaw State should grab Friedgen. He could make them the next USF or UCF.

Anonymous said...

Holy smoly (keepin it clean)!

That's a heck of a quote from Drew!