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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Links (11/14)

Sorry for the lateness in posting these. My place has been a mess for weeks and I keep saying I'm going to clean, but going out of town every weekend for a game has sort of put a damper on those grandiose plans. So I decided today was going to have to be the day. It seems a bit silly, I guess, to put lots of effort into cleaning your house just before you are planning to leave -- which I'll be doing in a couple hours -- but then again, that's the only way it will actually stay clean for more than a day.

Anyway, enough about that, here are a handful of links for your reading pleasure...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph about how all the injuries Georgia has suffered this season have made fielding an experienced group on special teams nearly impossible.

-- Chip Towers writes that it has been a long road for the Bulldogs the past four weeks, but this week finally concludes an extensive road trip. I, for one, am thrilled.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has a video post today with Vince Dooley talking about his memories of the UGA-Auburn series.

-- Get the Picture has some final thoughts on this week's matchup.

-- Total UGA wonders how Auburn will stop Matthew Stafford (warning: subscription required).

-- The Birmingham News says Tommy Tuberville's uncertain future is having an effect on Auburn's recruiting. Mark Richt was asked about Tuberville yesterday. His answer ended up turning into a story about forgetting Katharyn's birthday, so suffice it to say there wasn't a lot of Tubs insight. Perhaps I'll post the transcribed version of the story later.

-- The AJC reports on the injury status of UGA freshman Trey Thompkins, who will miss the Bulldogs' season opener tonight.

-- Interesting story on Rivals about how the econony affects college sports.

-- I'm about as big a critic of ESPN as you'll find, but there are a handful of very, very good writers over there, including my favorite sports writer in the country, Wright Thompson. He has an excellent piece this week that I cannot encourage you enough to read.

-- And finally, I give to you today's sign of the apocalypse.


Anonymous said...

You are going to love coming home to a clean house.

Question- What planetary realignment would it take for the pollsters to be so impressed by the SECCG, and disgusted by the other teams, that they schedule a rematch for the MNC. Dawgs sneak into 3rd place rankings?

Hey- I had a dream.

David Hale said...

I just can't see it happening. There would be too much backlash against it, plus there are too many Big 12 teams with zero or one loss right now.

ESPN Reader said...

What about schalabach (sp). He seems fine by me.

David Hale said...

I like Schlabach a lot, as well. Schlabach has a job much closer to mine though -- he's a beat writer first. Mr. Thompson works mostly in in-depth feature writing, and I don't think there are too many better than he is.

I also really enjoy Rob Neyer at ESPN as far as baseball writing goes, and Jemelle Hill is a very good columnist. I'm sure there are a few others I'm forgetting, too.