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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Panic Time

I don't think anyone was expecting the post-SEC title season to be a walk in the park, but I think most people were hoping for a bit more than this.

I was cautiously optimistic about this year's Bulldogs. I figured they had some good athletes, decent balance and a bunch of young talent -- even if they didn't have much experience.

And it's true that Trey Thompkins hasn't played a minute yet and Albert Jackson and Terrance Woodbury aren't at 100 percent yet.

But a 21-point loss to a midling Horizon League team that lost its first game to Division II Rockhurst? That's not good.

I watched Kentucky drop games to Gardner Webb and San Diego early last year, then rebound to have a decent enough season, so perhaps hope isn't lost. But Dennis Felton has already lamented what he thinks may be "too tough" a non-conference schedule, and if the Bulldogs head into SEC with five or six losses already under their belt, it's easy to see this season getting out of hand very quickly.

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