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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Links (11/20)

-- I have a story in today's paper on Dannell Ellerbe's less-than-perfect senior season. I think the way Ellerbe has handled this year's adversity is a great testament to how much Mark Richt and the coaching staff (and his teammates) have done for him in his time at Georgia. The Dannell Ellerbe of two years ago wouldn't have gone through this nearly as well.

-- So I'm supposed to write a weekly column for the Telegraph, but much like my weekly early-morning radio interview every Friday, I tend to forget about it until the phone rings at an unpleasant time and I realize I totally blew off work. Anyway, the result is usually a hastily thrown together column that includes at least one pot shot at FOX. Here's this week's.

-- Georgia practiced way too early this morning.

-- The AJC's Mark Bradley joins the call for a playoff in college football.

-- Senator Blutarski over at Get the Picture takes a look back at the 2002 Georgia-Georgia Tech game.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press has the first of what will be countless stories on Georgia's defense's preparation for the Tech triple option. I'm hoping to have a slightly different take on it next week, but feel free to go ahead and spoil it now with David Paschall's version.

-- OK, I know some folks aren't big fans of Bleacher Report, so don't feel obligated to read, but I'm certain you'll either find this post moderately informative or extremely irritating.

-- In Ex-Bulldog News: The Falcons waived former Georgia LB/DE Brandon Miller and the Albany Herald says Charles Grant may get a pass by the NFL despite his failed drug test.

-- The Red & Black talks with Jeff Owens about coming back for his second senior season. Owens said he'll be walking with his fellow seniors before the Tech game, and while he told me he'd love to play another year alongside Geno Atkins, I think his lack of a decision at this point probably indicates he's leaning toward heading to the NFL.

-- This site is dedicated to keeping Stafford and Knowshon in school.

-- Lucid Idiocy talks with Ray Goff about the Georgia Tech game.

-- Catfish and Cornbread has some bowl projections.

-- And for fans of white rappers, check out Shamrock's "Bulldawg Bounce." Gotta love lyrics like "Don't forget Knowshon Moreno, when he gets the ball, it's so bueno." (h/t Jamie)

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